With an emphasis on critical thinking and creative innovation, the Department of English, Writing & Communication helps you develop skills that will prepare you to have an impact wherever you go and to sharpen your ability to creatively engineer your own pathways. Through study in this department, you are offered an expansive, and thoroughly modern program with a traditional English major, as well as majors in Communication & Media Studies and Writing, Editing & Publishing. Additionally, the department offers a diverse set of minors that combine strategically with our majors, empowering you to build preparation pathways that align with your aspirations.

Our wide range of courses and classroom experiences work in key combinations to develop the skills that prepare students to be original content generators and innovative thinkers; to sharpen their empathetic reasoning and cultivate cultural sensitivity; and to equip them to navigate a multimodal and increasingly media-driven world. We provide our students with the ability to communicate complex ideas to various audiences in different media and do so in a supportive environment that fosters originality and creative innovation.