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Academic Affairs Mission Statement

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for Emmanuel’s academic programs, faculty, and staff. We work closely with faculty and staff throughout the College on matters of curriculum, faculty affairs and development, evaluation, student success, academic support, compliance, and faculty research.

Academic Affairs Team

  • Diane Shea, Interim Chief Academic Officer, Dean of Nursing, Professor of Nursing Practice
  • William Leonard, Dean of Academic Administration, Associate Professor of History
  • Dorice Griffith, Associate Dean of Student Learning and Success
  • Mary Beth Thomas, Assistant Dean/Student Support Services Specialist
  • Sr. Susan Thornell, SND, Associate Dean of Academic Advising
  • Padraig Deighan, Dean of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Lisa Stepanski, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of English
  • Sr. Karen Hokanson, Dean of Education, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Anne Marie Pasquale, Dean of Business and Management, Assistant Professor of Management

Academic Affairs Office Staff

  • Barbara Alves-Farrier, Academic Affairs Administrative Specialist
  • Andrea Thomas, Project Manager