What does it take to succeed in today’s business world? It takes goal setters. Risk takers. Problem solvers.

To be a student in Emmanuel College’s School of Business & Management is to pursue bold aspirations and possess an unwavering commitment to excellence.Our rigorous and relevant undergraduate programs in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and sport management reflect the reality of today’s dynamic, global markets and the need for integrated and innovative approaches to both a company’s and society’s most pressing challenges. Through coursework and internships, you will gain a deep knowledge of business fundamentals, the technical acumen to source, analyze and make sound decisions using real-time market research and data, and the cultural competency needed to be a successful and ethical leader.

For our graduate students, your preparation to be a business leader reaches far beyond the classroom. Real-world applications are taught by faculty who are renowned business professionals, and programs are grounded in fundamentals such as ethics, organizational behavior and/or financial management. We offer an online Master of Business Administration, as well as graduate certificates in business analytics, human resource management, and research administration.

Our faculty pride themselves on fostering personal interactions with students. Our extended community is one that includes thousands of alumni, industry partners, employers and mentors, enabling us to emphasize collaboration and offer hands-on, high-impact experiences throughout the city of Boston.

The School of Business & Management is truly a bold, innovating and supportive community of teaching and learning. I hope you sense this excitement as you learn more about our programs.

Anne Marie Pasquale, Esq., Dean and Assistant Professor of Management, School of Business & Management