In today's business world, the ability to make informed and ethical decisions in the face of uncertainty is paramount.

Our major in Management is designed to produce ethically responsible leaders in business who have a strong foundation in theory and real-life practical applications and experience. The School of Business & Management translates Emmanuel’s commitment to ethics and social justice into its curriculum to develop your understanding that organizations—whether for profit or not for profit—can do well by doing good. Our liberal arts foundation teaches you to think critically, be problem solvers and communicate well. In management courses, you will develop further competencies in quantitative analysis, leadership and teamwork, global issues and technology. You will graduate a strong management generalist prepared for a wide range of careers in business.

A First-Class Experience

Get to know the people and programs that will define your academic journey.

A Competitive Advantage

The Emmanuel Business Collaborative develops strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with local business and industry organizations who share Emmanuel’s strong commitment to social justice, diversity, inclusion and service.

Meet the Faculty

Our distinguished faculty publish, exhibit and research. Present, compose and chair. Inspire and collaborate.

The Curriculum

View the 2023-2024 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

Requirements for B.A. in Management

  • ACCT1201 Financial Accounting (QA) (QR)
  • ACCT2201 Managerial Accounting
  • ECON1101 Principles of Microeconomics (SA) (SS)
  • ECON1103 Principles of Macroeconomics (SA) (SS)
  • Management elective
  • MGMT1101 Introduction to Business
  • MKTG2200 Principles of Marketing
  • MGMT2301 Legal Environment of Business
  • MGMT2307 Organizational Behavior (SA) (SS) (DM)
  • MGMT3302 Operations Management
  • MGMT3305 Financial Management
  • MGMT3496/97 Management Internship
  • MGMT4303 Strategic Management

Management majors must also complete the following mathematics courses with a grade of C or higher:

  • MATH1118 Introduction to Statistics with R (QA) (QR)

And one of the following two courses:

  • MATH1111 Calculus I (QA) (QR)  OR MATH1121 Applied Mathematics for Management (QA) (QR)

View the 2023-2024 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.

Requirements for Minor in Management (for non-Accounting/Marketing/Finance majors)

  • 1. ACCT1201 Financial Accounting (QA) (QR)
  • 2. ECON1101 Principles of Microeconomics (SA) (SS)
  • 3. MGMT1101 Introduction to Business
  • 4-5. Two Management Courses at the 2000-level or above, which may include ACCT2201 Managerial Accounting

At the completion of the Management Major, students will:

  1. Be able to address issues of personal and social responsibility in their organizations and communities.
  2. Have fundamental knowledge of concepts and analytical tools within management, business, and economics and be able to apply this knowledge to the analysis and resolution of management problems and situations at work.
  3. Communicate effectively: orally and in writing, using concepts and analytical tools from management, business and economics.
  4. Better understand-their values, their strengths, their weaknesses and their interests-and be able to apply this self-knowledge to job and career path decisions.
Where Essential Values and Skills Meet the Real World

Where Essential Values and Skills Meet the Real World

Along with areas of knowledge and major requirements, you will cultivate essential values in the classroom and complete two courses in each area:

  • Social Justice (SJ): Develop knowledge, skills, values and motivation to participate beneficially in activities of personal and public concern.
  • Diversity & Multiculturalism (DM): Understand the complexity of identity the historical truths of different cultural perspectives to address bias and examine contemporary social issues. 

One hundred percent of Emmanuel students complete an internship as part of the core curriculum. In a city as dynamic as Boston, your options are bound only by the limits of your curiosity.

Students from the School of Business & Management intern at all Big 4 accounting agencies, major financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, and creative agencies and cultural organizations such as Hill Holliday and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In all majors, the Capstone Experience involves completing a significant piece of work that requires the integration and application of learning from multiple courses.

For students in the School of Business & Management, capstone courses blend theory and practice, with experiences ranging from live case consulting, research and analysis on current industry topics, the assessment of company performance and strategy and thesis presentations.