A center of innovation, where you more than study scientific breakthroughs, you create them.

The School of Science & Health aims to cultivate ethical, analytical scientists, health professionals and scholars by emphasizing the significance of scientific investigation in addressing contemporary societal challenges. Offering comprehensive programs in biology, chemistry & physics, mathematics, and psychology & neuroscience, the School is committed to immersive, hands-on learning experiences.

The faculty within the School of Science & Health aren't solely educators; they are active researchers and professionals whose endeavors continually shape and inspire the curriculum. From involving undergraduates in nationally recognized on-campus research from their first year to fostering partnerships with local institutions and collaborators in the renowned Longwood Medical and Academic Area and throughout Boston, faculty are deeply engaged in advancing both knowledge and practice.



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Alum Cohort Celebrates 90% Acceptance Rate

“The close-knit community at Emmanuel and the encouragement from the professors played a large role in setting me up for success.” -Maggie Loiselle '20

A Supportive Community of Reasearch, Teaching and Learning

A city without limits

A city without limits

Boston is a global center for research, drug development and treatment, and we're at the center of it all. Students intern and work at neighboring institutions including Harvard Medical, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

High-tech, hands on

High-tech, hands on

The Wilkens Science Center is our center of academic inquiry, housing 14 state-of-the-art laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, neuroscience and research.

Recognition on the national stage

Recognition on the national stage

We currently have $3.3m in active funding from National Science Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Henry Luce Foundation and more, supporting our original faculty-student research collaborations and initiatives such as women and diversity in STEM.

Adventure awaits

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology travel course

Students spend the semester studying evolution in-depth on campus, before following in Darwin's footsteps to the Galápagos Islands for two weeks of study of the plants and animals of this unique ecosystem.

What's new and now

What's new and now

Our newest major in biotechnology reflects our home in Boston, the changing employment landscape and the College's mission, allowing students to focus on the application of the biological sciences to develop technologies and products that improve public health and the health of our planet.

Chart your course

Chart your course

Our curriculum in pre-health, pre-dental and pre-veterinary studies offer strong preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicin eor other health-related fields such as nursing, physical therapy and public health.

The Faculty Difference

Get to know the mentors, colleagues and champions who will support your academic and professional journey.

Our Faculty

Our distinguished faculty publish, exhibit and research. Present, compose and chair. Inspire and collaborate.

A Note from the Dean

Meet Dean Pádraig Deighan, Ph.D.