Emmanuel College is pleased to offer a wide variety of payment options to students and their families.

Emmanuel's Billing & Payment Center is accessible via EC Online Services.

The preferred browsers for accessing EC Online Services are Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported and should not be used when accessing EC Online Services. Students can login with their Emmanuel username and password to view their tuition bill. Parents and other authorized users can login once students have shared account access. See 'Sharing Access to Bill' below for more information.

To view your tuition bill, sign in with your Emmanuel username and password. Once logged in, we encourage you to review the following sections:

Student Statement

An itemized statement is posted each semester. Please note the amounts shown here will always be based on your real-time charges and financial aid as of the date the statement was issued.

Account Summary

Shows a snapshot of the transactions posted to your account for a semester, including all charges and financial aid, and calculates the remaining amount due.

Account Activity Details

Shows a detailed description of course registration, fees, room & board, and any miscellaneous charges. 

Financial Aid 

Shows a detailed description of all financial aid crediting the tuition bill.


Shows a snapshot of any refunds that have been processed on your behalf. 


Tuition Bill Access

Students have the choice to provide access to financial and/or academic information. Your access may include The Billing & Payment Center, Financial Aid, or Grades and are dependent on the level of access authorized by your student. See below for more information on the options students can authorize: 

  • The Billing & Payment Center: Provides access to view the tuition bill, make a payment, and enroll in a payment plan. 
  • Financial Aid: Provides access to view Financial Aid Letters and any outstanding requirements.
  • Grades: Provides access to view mid-semester (if applicable) and final transcripted grades.  

Please note this authorization is not considered a waiver for FERPA and will not provide access to request transcripts or obtain or discuss the student’s academic record with College faculty or staff without express written consent provided to the Office of the Registrar. More information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is available here.

How do I share access to my bill?

If a family member is assisting you with your tuition bill, we encourage you to add them as an authorized user for EC Online Services so they can both view your bill and make payments online. Simply log in to  EC Online Services using your Emmanuel credentials and select the “User Options” tab.

  1. Select “Designate Authorized User” and enter authorized user's name, preferred email address, relationship, and birth date.  
  2. Select level of account access you wish to authorize (complete access or select access) and click “Submit”.
  3. The authorized user will receive an email notice that they have been set up as an authorized user. A separate email will be sent with their Username, a link with their password, and a direct link to EC Online Services. The password link will be active for 24 hours. 

Updating Demographic Information:

To update demographic information for your authorized user, including their name, email address, relationship or birth date please contact the Registrar’s Office at regmail [at] emmanuel.edu. If conflicting information was prohibiting you from creating your authorized user, once the demographic information has been updated, you can complete the process to designate them as authorized users.

Helpful Tips:

1. Authorized users will be provided a username that has an underscore to differentiate them from student or staff logins. Please note that when authorized users sign in with their login information, it will automatically autofill your login to ‘@emmanuel.edu’.

2. When you log in you should get an initial screen that says you can go into your own profile, labelled ‘You’ or you can go into the student’s account. Authorized users should click the student’s name and ‘Continue’ to view the financial and/or academic information the student has shared access to. See an example below for detailed information.

3. Once authorized users have logged in and detailed into the student’s account they should see a banner that states they are “acting on behalf of…” and everything that the student extended privileges for should be displayed on this screen. See an example below for detailed information. If you are still missing access to information, please check with your student as they can confirm the level of access they have provided.

What if I still have questions?

  • If you have questions about the access you have been provided, please contact your student as they can set up their authorized user(s) and/or update their level of access at any time.
  • For questions regarding the tuition bill and financial aid please contact Student Financial Services  at 617-735-9938 or financialservices [at] emmanuel.edu.
  • For academic questions please contact the Office of the Registrar at 617-735-9960 or regmail [at] emmanuel.edu
  • For technical assistance please contact Information Technology at 617-735-9966 or helpdesk [at] emmanuel.edu.



Why is there a charge for student health insurance included on my bill?

If you wish to waive the student health insurance coverage, you must submit a waiver form annually to document that you already have a plan that meets the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' insurance requirements.

The online waiver is located at  www.universityhealthplans.com and must be submitted before the semester bill due date in order for the insurance charge to be removed from your bill. 

Why do I see a negative amount due on my bill?

If you see a negative amount due on the Summary page of your bill, it means that your total payments and/or financial aid exceed your charges for the semester. Depending on your circumstances you may want to:

  • Reduce one of your loans
  • Reduce the remaining amount scheduled to be paid through your monthly payment plan
  • Leave the credit on your account to be applied towards the next semester's bill 
  • Request a refund of the excess funds

If you're unsure which option may be best for you, please contact your financial services counselor.

How do I apply a private scholarship I've been awarded toward my tuition bill?

Forward a copy of the scholarship letter to the Office of Student Financial Services as soon as you receive it, so we may factor it into the amount due shown on your bill.

Please note:

  • If the check for the scholarship is given to you directly, or sent to your home address, you will need to send it to our office.
  • Some private scholarships require proof of enrollment (such as a copy of your tuition bill), or proof of successful completion of your first semester (such as an official or unofficial transcript of your grades) before the scholarship payment will be released. It is your responsibility to complete these requirements in a timely manner.

Students will be notified at their Emmanuel email address when their semester tuition bill is available online. The options listed below may be used individually or in combination. If you would like assistance determining the best option for your family, please contact our office and your counselor will discuss your options with you.

Checks: We encourage you to submit payments online whenever possible (see E-Checks below for more information). If you are unable to make payments online or are sending 529 payments or private scholarship checks, please ensure the payment(s) are clearly labeled with the student's name and Emmanuel ID number. Check payments can be sent to our mailing address:

Emmanuel College
Office of Student Financial Services
400 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

E-Checks: To create a more secure payment environment, all users will need to make payments via the Billing and Payment Center. This ensures payments are made accurately on the student’s account, are linked to the proper semester, and reduces misuse of the payment system. Students and authorized users can login to EC Online Services and select "Billing and Payment Center".  Choose "Payments and Payment Plans" and continue to be brought to the secure Payment Center. Online Automated Clearing House (ACH) e-check payments may be made using the option "Make Payment". There is no fee charged for paying online with an e-check.

Wire Transfers: For wire transfer payments, please call 617-735-9938 or e-mail financialservices [at] emmanuel.edu to receive Emmanuel College's Account Number and ABA Routing Number.

Credit/debit card payments may be made online at EC Online Services. Students and families who choose to make payments with a credit/debit card will be assessed a service fee, which is retained by a third-party service provider. This fee ranges from 0.75%-3.99% based on the type of card used to make the payment. This fee may be avoided by paying with a checking or savings account in place of a credit/debit card.

The payment plan is a convenient and manageable payment solution that provides the option to pay in interest-free monthly installments, rather than one lump sum. The plan automatically updates to ensure the current semester balance is always covered by the plan in real time so you will not have to worry about estimating your installment amounts.

The fall semester plan begins in July and ends in November; the spring semester plan begins in December and ends in April. This plan offers the convenience of scheduling payments by enrolling in auto-pay. For payment plan support, contact the Payment Plan Support Team at: 1-833-269-3675. 

Learn More About Payment Plans

Emmanuel welcomes all college savings plans. If you have a college savings plan such as a 529 plan, please contact the plan provider to have the funds transferred to Emmanuel College.

If you are using a pre-paid tuition plan to pay for tuition, such as the UPlan, please provide the Office of Student Financial Services with the provider name and the amount you will be using for the upcoming academic year. Once we receive this information, we will credit your account and ensure the timely receipt of payment from the plan provider.

Private educational student loans and parent loans can help bridge the gap between financial aid and the total cost of education. With many private student loans, the student is the primary borrower; however, most students will require a credit-worthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer (does not have to be a parent). We recommend that students first apply for financial aid and borrow with federal student loans. If additional financing is needed, alternative students loans can be an option for many families.

Learn More About Student Loans

Parent loans are a common payment option when current income and savings are not enough. There are many educational loan products available to help finance education. Parents may borrow up to the cost of education minus financial aid received. We recommend applying for enough funds for the full academic year instead of semester by semester. The Office of Student Financial Services encourages all borrowers to do their own research and select the lender that is best for them. There are many other options available to students and their families.

Learn More About Parent Loans

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