Learn about enrolling in a payment plan at Emmanuel College.

Payment Plan Details

  • Payment plans are set up to cover the remaining balance on a student’s account for the semester. 
  • Enroll in the plan for the fall by July 15th. Spring plan enrollment should occur by December 15th (payment plans for the spring will become available when spring tuition statements are released). 
  • The non refundable enrollment fee is $50 per semester. 
  • Installments are due on the 15th of each month from July through November for the fall semester, and December through April for the spring semester.
  • This plan automatically updates to ensure the current semester balance is always covered by the plan in real time.  
  • Participants will be enrolled in auto-payment, but also have the flexibility to make additional one-time payments to their plan balance. 

As the payment plan is real-time, any changes in the student account balance will automatically update your installment amount:  

  • If a charge is added or financial aid is reduced or removed and that increases the balance of the student account, the installments will increase accordingly for the next installment due date. An automatic email is sent to notify of changes to installments.
  • If additional payments are made to the account, the next installment will decrease accordingly. An automatic email is sent to notify of changes to installments. 

To enroll in a payment plan, log into EC Online Services

Students log in using their Emmanuel credentials.

Authorized Users log in using their unique credentials. As a one-time security measure, you will enter the email address that your Emmanuel student signed you up with.

  1. Under the Billing and Payment Center, choose ‘Payments and Payment Plan Enrollment’ and continue to ‘Payment Center’.  
  2. Select ‘Payment Plans’ from the toolbar and then click the ‘Enroll Now’ button. 
  3. Select the term, review details, and then click ‘Select’ under the ‘Action’ heading. 
  4. On the Payment Plan Enrollment Page, review the details of your plan. Your Payment schedule will detail your installment due dates and amounts. Click ‘Continue’.  
  5. In the Payment Method list, select the preferred payment method for your scheduled payments and $50 enrollment fee. You will be prompted to enter payment details on the next screen.  
  6. Read the Payment Plan Agreement and click ‘I Agree’ and ‘Continue’ 
  7. Read the Payment Method Agreement and click ‘I Agree’ and ‘Continue’. 
  8. Retain a copy of the payment receipt for your records. You will also receive this in automated email. 

The $50 enrollment fee will be charged immediately. If any installment due dates have passed, you will be required to pay the missed installments at setup.

Payment Plan FAQs

If you miss the July 15th/December 15th deadline, you can still enroll! Your $40 enrollment fee and first installment will be due at the time of enrolling in the plan.

Yes, participants will be notified by an automatic email if there are any changes to installments.

Yes, participants have the flexibility to change payment methods as needed. Simply login to view your payment plan details and update your preferred payment method.

Both students and authorized users (parents or guardians) can enroll in a payment plan on the student’s behalf. 

As payment plans are set up to cover the remaining balance on a student’s account for the semester, only one can be set up per student. If someone else wants to make a payment on your behalf, you can provide them ‘authorized user’ access and they can initiate one-time payment(s) as needed.

Additional payments will credit your account and reduce the amount of the next installment. 

Balances will not update when participants enroll in a payment plan. If you enrolled in a payment plan, your balance will update automatically as each payment plan installment is received. 

Yes, the student can see the plan details on their account; however, they cannot view or edit payment methods.

Yes, you can still enroll in a payment plan if you are using a combination of payment options. If you are interested in combining a loan, one-time  payment, or other payment method with your payment plan, we encourage you to finalize your other payment method(s) before signing up for a payment plan as the payment plan will match the student account current semester balance in real time.

Yes, you can log in at any time to make an installment payment. If it’s more than 14 days out from your next payment, your balance will auto-update.

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