Learn about refunds, course drops, and withdrawals.

Dropping a Course

Course drops occur within the add/drop period. A drop is not transcripted nor is there financial obligations associated with an individual course drops unless an A+S student is withdrawing from the College during the Add/Drop Period and should refer to the College Withdrawal Policy for dates and refunds. Deadlines vary by A+S and GPP courses and A+S summer courses.

A+S students: Declared students with an assigned faculty advisor do not require advisor approval to drop a course; however, all course schedule changes should be discussed with an advisor. New and undeclared students must receive written advisor approval to drop a course.

GPP students: Do not require advisor approval. If the student is only registered for one course or the class has already started, GPP students will need to email the Office of the Registrar at regmail [at] emmanuel.edu to be dropped.

Withdrawing from a Course

An official withdrawal occurs when a student completes the Course Withdrawal Form and/or contacts the Office of the Registrar prior to the Withdrawal Deadline. A course withdrawal has a grade of “W”. A “W” grade does not factor into the GPA, nor is it punitive.

A+S Students: All A+S students require written advisor approval to withdraw from courses.

GPP Students: GPP students do not require advisor approval to withdraw from a course.

Unofficial Withdrawal: An unofficial withdrawal is assigned by the faculty member when a student has stopped attending (or participating in online classes) on or before the withdrawal deadline. Students who attend or participate in a course after the withdrawal deadline must receive the letter grade earned in the class.