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Academic Coaches work with students individually to develop and refine effective strategies and skills necessary for college success, including time-management and organization strategies.

Common areas addressed include:

  • Adjusting your learning style to a learning task
  • Managing your time effectively and organizing unscheduled time
  • Combating procrastination
  • Analyzing and effectively using a syllabus and EC Learn
  • Reading strategically
  • Taking notes that convert into effective study tools
  • Developing effective review strategies to prepare for exams
  • Learning test-taking strategies, alongside review strategies, to excel on exams

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Academic Strategy Workshops and Classes

In addition to individual appointments, ARC Academic Coaches provide a number of workshops and classes to assist students in their academic success. Learning Commons Toolbox Workshops are offered every semester on topics such as time-management, writing, study, and test preparation strategies. The schedule of workshops is located on ECLearn in the Learning Commons Toolbox and on the Emmanuel College events calendar.

Graduate School and Continuing Studies Preparation

ARC academic coaches and writing specialists often work with students on graduate school and continuing studies preparation. For more information, set up an appointment or visit this link.