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The Emmanuel College Honors Program prepares you for graduate study and successful applications for scholarships and fellowships through a series of intellectually stimulating, rigorous honors courses and an independent research project in your area of study.

The Emmanuel College Honors Program is not an exclusive club for high-achieving students-it's a program that invites talented and motivated students to make the most of their time in college by participating in a rigorous academic and co-curricular experience. While Honors students are closely mentored by our faculty and staff, we also encourage students in the Program to think creatively, learn independently and develop their leadership skills across campus.

The Honors Program combines reading- and writing-intensive coursework with complementary opportunities that highlight Boston's outstanding music, lectures, arts, theaters and museums-all of which culminates in a distinction project in each student's individual major. To graduate within the Honors Program, students must complete four Honors courses, one Honors experience and a distinction paper. The Honors experience can include studying abroad, working as a peer mentor in a class for first-year students or serving as a research or instructional assistant with a faculty member.

Honors Program Opportunities and Benefits

Set yourself apart. The Emmanuel College Honors Program develops students into competitive candidates for scholarships and fellowships, advanced study and career opportunities after graduation. The time management, effective communication and critical thinking skills honed in honors programs also make students stand out on résumés or graduate school applications.

Think big. What do you want to accomplish? Students in the Honors Program are given access to special mentoring regarding course selections, study abroad experiences, scholarships and fellowships, graduate school options and other opportunities. Honors students also become leaders on campus through peer mentoring, organizing co-curricular Honors events and serving in the community.

AND small. Students participate in small, interactive classes within the Honors cohort. These interdisciplinary courses fulfill general requirements and have special designations that appear as HONOR on student transcripts.

Dive in. What interests you? Honors students have the opportunity to design and complete an independent, faculty-directed research project to earn Distinction in the Field of Study in the student's own major. Students present these projects to the Emmanuel community during their senior year. Honors students put themselves in a position to be more competitive when applying for travel funding for presenting at conferences, conducting research at specialized libraries and more.

Stay motivated. With a required minimum GPA of 3.3 to remain in the program, students enrolled in the Honors Program are supported and challenged by faculty and their peers to excel in and out of the classroom.

Selection for the Program is offered to our most competitive students based on application materials.

Program Director:
Jaime Vidaurrazaga
vidauja [at] (vidauja[at]emmanuel[dot]edu)