Student W-2 and 1098-T forms will be available in late January. The 1098-T form will be made available to eligible students with a Social Security Number (SSN) on file with the College. An email request will be sent to students without a SSN on file. If you receive this email and would like to receive a 1098T, please provide your SSN to the Office of Student Financial Services at 617-735-9938 on or before January 14.


  • 1098-T tax documents for will be mailed to the student's preferred mailing address in late January and will also be available online. Students may download the 1098-T form by logging into EC Online Services.
  • To access your 1098-T, choose the ‘Tax Information' tab and opt to receive your 1098-T in an electronic format. Once you opt into receiving your form electronically you can download your 1098-T statement.
  • Please refer to your tax advisor with specific questions related to the 1098-T or tax filing requirements.  For more information regarding tax documents, please visit


  • Student W-2 tax documents will be mailed to the student's mailing address in ADP in late January and will also be available online. Students may access their W-2 on their ADP account.
  • To access your W-2 online, students can log into ADP and click on Myself > Pay > Annual Statements.


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The Emmanuel Investment

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