Meet your mentors.

For more than a century, students have chosen Emmanuel for the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with dedicated faculty that extend years beyond graduation. Likewise, professors come to Emmanuel—and stay here—to expand students’ intellectual and personal horizons, by engaging them in classroom discussions and inviting them to participate early in their college careers in the kinds of collaborative research projects often reserved for graduate students at other institutions.

Depending on their discipline, Emmanuel students who engage in research during their undergraduate careers gain experience in creativity; communication; independent and collaborative thinking; laboratory equipment and techniques; primary and secondary sources; gathering, analyzing and presenting data; presenting at local and national conferences and having their work published in academic journals; but most importantly, they are better prepared to address the world's unsolved problems as curious and enlightened individuals and leaders.

Mindfulness & Mental Health

Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Helen MacDonald’s research focuses on the relationships between mindfulness, mental health, academic functioning, and belongingness among college students. Along with her research team of psychology majors Madeline Bradley  and Matthew Lemansky ’23, MacDonald investigated the lived experiences of participants in an 8-week mindfulness training program.

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How do youth violence prevention streetworkers perceive the rewards and challenges of their work?

Associate Professor of Sociology Janese Free has worked with criminology and criminal justice major, Emily Kline and sociology major Lauren Sterling '22 to code and analyze qualitative data from interviews with streetworkers. In their paper, ""I became the person I needed…": Streetworkers' perspectives on their job experiences," the research team explores why streetworkers chose to engage in this line of work,  the obstacles they face while doing so, and how they cope with these challenges.

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Corporate Diversity & Inclusion and Executive Compensation

When it comes to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in corporations, does money talk? Assistant Professor of Management Dr. Kelly Basile and management major Ryan Arisian ’24 began developing a database of S&P 500 companies which includes information on DEI targets as a part of executive compensation, DEI metrics (employee diversity, board diversity and managerial diversity) and firm performance. Do corporations who tie executive compensation to DEI targets perform better on DEI outcomes and overall, have better firm performance?

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How does “body talk” affect our self-image?

One way that people’s body dissatisfaction is socially expressed is through engaging in negative conversations with friends regarding how unhappy they are with their bodies.Professor of Psychology Dr. Linda Lin and psychology major Kate Del Torchio examining the prevalence of body talk in conversations, and whether this type of conversation relates to eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia development.   

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