Mobile Phones

Support for mobile phones to access Emmanuel services such as e-mail and the Emmanuel network.

Assistance in connecting user mobile technologies to: e-mail, Internet, and Emmanuel provided applications. Limitations of support are dependent upon the age, type and proper operation of the requestor's mobile device.

To request support for connecting your mobile device to Emmanuel's services, contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk [at] (helpdesk[at]emmanuel[dot]edu) or 617-735-9966. For walk-in assistance on campus, please visit the Helpdesk in the Administration Building, Room 133.

Telephone and Voicemail Services

Support to all aspects of the service, from the infrastructure to the telephone devices.

Advanced telephone services utilizing Cisco VOIP technology.

The standard configuration for phone services on Emmanuel's campus is supported by Cisco VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP technology provides a number of advanced features including integration with Cisco Unity Visual Voicemail services.

Visual Voicemail is an alternative to audio voicemail where the screen is used to work with messages, rather than audio prompts. Click here for a full guide to using visual voicemail on campus.

Available To:

Full-time Staff and Faculty

What does it do?

  • VoIP phones plug directly into a network ports instead of a dedicated analog phone ports and enable flexibility when moving between office areas.
  • Additional extensions to dedicated department lines may be added to Staff/Faculty phones upon request.
  • Local and limited long distance calling are available as basic telephone features.


  • All phones feature a dedicated extension that is assigned a voicemail box to receive and store messages for individual users as well as departments.
  • Password resets are available upon request as well as remote access to voicemail from off-campus.

For an overview on using basic calling functions, accessing Cisco Unity Voicemail or how to setup your voicemail box for the first time, please use the tutorial below:

Voicemail Service Tutorial

For an overview of the physical IP phone hardware and button features, please use the guide below:

Cisco 8841 Phone Guide

Analog Telephone

Providing legacy connections for fax machines and credit card readers.

Legacy hardware that utilizes analog telephone line connections are supported on a case-by-case basis. For more information, helpdesk [at] (please contact the Helpdesk).


Supporting conference calling from floating and integrated meeting spaces.

This conference call service allows users in select spaces to dial out to multiple callers and combine the calls to form a conference. This service does not provide a conference bridge, therefore users cannot call into the conference.

To request a space that can provide this service or to receive training on proper usage, contact the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk [at] or 617-735-9966.