Network and Wireless
Emmanuel College offers a robust, high-speed network for use by students, faculty and staff. This network connects a secure offsite datacenter to the college and all campus buildings and to the internet. This network extends to all residence hall rooms in the form of a wireless network that students can use to connect to the college network and the internet.

The College has an expansive wireless network that provides fully-redundant coverage to all the residence halls, classrooms and public areas, including the open air quad. Students are able to connect at speeds of up to 300Mbps using 802.11n protocol devices or adapters.

Datacenter + Virtualization
Emmanuel College has joined the industry in moving its servers and systems to an offsite datacenter. These facilities not only keep the college’s information and servers secure, but they offer “greener” and more efficient ways of keeping the college’s computing infrastructure powered and cooled.

Emmanuel College has reduced its physical server footprint by adopting virtual server technologies and cloud offerings for several of the technology services provided to students, faculty and staff.

Information Security
Emmanuel College understands the importance of information security for students and the college systems. The college requires all students to install software that checks to ensure that all computers on the network have up to date security patches and anti-virus protection. This step not only ensures the student has an up-to-date computer that is protected, but that all other computers on the network are protected—creating a safe and secure environment for all users.

In addition, Emmanuel College employs solutions to perform network monitoring for malware, viruses, spam and suspicious network activity.