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The mission of the Offices of College Relations & Marketing is to effectively communicate the Emmanuel brand to a variety of internal and external audiences.

The goals of marketing communication initiatives produced by the department are to: raise awareness of the Emmanuel mission and unique value proposition; support the College's strategic priorities and business objectives; and celebrate outcomes of a challenging and transformative educational experience.

The office oversees the College’s visual identity, the production of print publications, the main website, institutional social media presence, video, news and media relations. General inquiries can be sent to pr [at] (pr[at]emmanuel[dot]edu).

Our Work

The Office of Marketing Communications is the College’s in-house marketing agency. We focus on communicating the unique value of Emmanuel and the Heart of Boston.

Our Services

Marketing Communications

Print, web and digital solutions for promotion and elevating reputation

Web and Digital

User experience, content strategy, design and front-end development

News & Media Relations

News outreach, content strategy and issues management

College Brand & Identity

Visual identity, messaging strategy, and Emmanuel College editorial style