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Professionally, my research interests are in the history of philosophy, feminist philosophy, and biomedical ethics. Often times my research involves work at the intersection of two or more of these areas at once. For example, my current primary research program focuses on the role of the family in the history of philosophy and how that impacts women's social status.

In my teaching, I am committed to showing the relevance of philosophy to everyday life and in particular to our attempts to be good people. This is why I enjoy teaching courses in both ethical theory and applied ethics. In both my teaching and research, I value openness to new ideas and challenges to accepted or standard viewpoints. In my home life, I enjoy teaching cardio kickboxing, baking desserts from scratch (my favorite store is the King Arthur Flour flagship in Vermont), watching copious amounts of television, and spending time with my family and friends.

What I Love About Emmanuel:

I love the faculty and students at Emmanuel, and in particular, their openness and willingness to assist others. Since coming to Emmanuel, I have been impressed with the commitment to social justice and true care for others expressed by faculty, staff, and students. It's an all-around great place to be!  

Ph.D., Boston University; B.A., Xavier University

  • PHIL1201:Global Ethics
  • PHIL1205: Healthcare Ethics
  • PHIL1116: Ethics in Science
  • IDS2113: Basic Issues in Gender and Women's Studies
  • "Mary Wollstonecraft on Motherhood and Political Participation: An Overlooked Insight into Women's Subordination" published in Hypatia, July 2019

My primary research program addresses questions regarding the role of the family in the history of philosophy, the relationship of the family to politics, and the relationship of the family to the social status of women. I have just finished up a project on Mary Wollstonecraft in this area, and I am currently turning my attention to Thomas Hobbes' discussion of natural maternal dominion in Chapter XX of Leviathan. In addition to my research in the history of philosophy, I also enjoy researching and thinking about issues in biomedical ethics such as genetic modification, euthanasia, and surrogacy.