Like many college campuses across the nation, Emmanuel College faces the problem of food insecurity – the infrequent access to nutritious food – within its student body.

In order to begin addressing this issue, a student-led collaboration in conjunction with the Student Government Association, faculty and staff, developed the Swipe-It-Forward initiative. Through this confidential program, students who self-identify as food insecure may request up to five (5) additional meal swipes per semester, which may be used at any Bon Appetit location on campus. Students can also donate up to a predetermined number of meal swipes from their own meal plans, while faculty and staff may make monetary donations to an online “bank.”

You may identify as food insecure if:

  • You cannot afford to eat balanced meals
  • You worry that food will run out before you have money to buy more
  • The food you bought does not last and you do not have money to buy more
  • You have eaten less than you felt you should because there was not enough money for food
  • You have been hungry but did not eat because you could not afford food

This program is not a conclusive solution for food insecurity. Conversations are happening around more sustainable and effective solutions for extreme food insecurity. This program is intended to offer temporary and immediate relief to students and to seriously address the issue.

Swipe-It-Forward Support

Request Additional Meal Swipes

If you are a residential or commuter student who self-identifies as food insecure, you can request additional meal swipes (up to five per semester) via a Meal Swipe Bank.

Donate Meal Swipes

If you have a meal plan, you can donate a limited number of your meal swipes to the bank, based on the size of your meal plan.