Engagement and Transition

New Student Engagement and Transition

Welcome to Emmanuel.

Orientation Leaders and HaloYou're here.

After months of answering the question, "So where are you going to college next year?" Emmanuel is starting to feel like more than just a response, just a name, just a place.

You've taken your first steps as an Emmanuel student. You're on campus meeting people who will be a big part of your next four years. People who will impact the rest of your life. This is not just any place, it's your place.

Within these pages you will discover some of the highlights of the new student experience at Emmanuel College. You'll find tips on how to succeed in your first year. You'll find insights from current students who share their thoughts on the various activities in which they're involved and the community they enjoy and speak of often.

So, what now? Well, as you're about to learn, that's up to you. Welcome to Emmanuel!

Alexa Simeone Trainor
Director of New Student Engagement and Transition