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The Idea Man

Robert’s interest in the workings of the wider world grew in 2011 as the Arab Spring became international news. “I love history,” he said, “so knowing the history of the states as well as their current affairs made their actions and interactions much more interesting to me.”

When he came to Emmanuel and took his first economics course, it gave him a new lens through which to view international relations—and he knew the two disciplines would carve out his ideal career in the business and defense industries.

“My first few economic classes, opened my eyes to the bigger explanations of the world” he said. “The professors provided real world application and a comprehensive understanding of complex material. I like how economics is versatile enough to help with a small business or even the macro-level economy.”

Before starting his internship search, Robert worked at an NGO that worked to foster leadership and development skills for kids. “I really enjoyed fostering relationships with the kids as well as seeing their personal development as a result of my actions,” he said. He also instituted a “much debated” bike trail in his hometown by developing a petition and using the local news to lionize the issue. “These two experiences made me realize that I liked helping people, and helping my community develop. I took pride in seeing my work having a lasting impact.”

In order to continue that work, Robert gained his first internship as a legislative aide intern in the Massachusetts State House. There, he connected with many people who worked on many different projects, and was exposed to the newest developments in Massachusetts policy making.

“I began working on mental health and substance abuse policies and bills,” he said. “I soon was exposed to business laws and policy. I had the opportunity to work with the new fiscal year’s economic policy. In another case, an energy company was trying to implement a new pipeline in the Commonwealth. After reading the document, I realized that the pipeline would not benefit the community in any way because the pipeline would emit hazardous electric waves, be bad for the environment and cause a lot of unnecessary damage to local infrastructure.”

He raised a flag for the plan to be revised, and the pipeline has since not been implemented.

During the summer before his senior year, Robert gained a business strategy internship at Fidelity Investments, where he worked with a team of senior employees to innovate the company’s Workplace Investments solution in efforts to double its revenue. “I was able to create a multi-year financial plan as well as innovate a new financial product by coordinating strategy and developing competitive intelligence insights,” he said. “My work was seen by the leaders of the division, and I felt the work I was doing was important.

As classes began in the fall, Robert began his international trade internship with the U.S. Department of Commerce, working in the global aerospace and defense sectors. He conducted market research using government research databases and import/export statistics and used statistical inferencing to make assumptions about a foreign market.

“Ultimately, I had the ‘problem’ of enjoying all my experiences,” he said. “I thoroughly enjoy working in public sectors of law, community development, business and economic growth, as well as working in a fast-paced business environment, creating new ideas and increasing the standard of living for everyone.”

After graduation this spring, Robert received a full-time job offer as a proposal analyst in Raytheon’s Global Business Services’ Finance team.