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Kendrick enrolled in Emmanuel after what he saw on the basketball court left a great impression, unaware the impact being a student-athlete would have on his professional journey.

“I went to see an Emmanuel game in high school. On paper, the other team was much better, but Emmanuel fought and pulled off the win,” he said. “This was the kind of team I wanted to play with.”

Kendrick describes himself as always “into numbers,” and that math was his favorite subject. He took an accounting course his junior year of high school and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until he took a financial accounting course with Assistant Professor of Accounting Donna Marchand that “everything clicked.”

He landed an internship with Samet & Company, a Boston-based accounting, audit and tax services firm on recommendation from a teammate who had a positive experience interning with the company. After his graduation this spring, Kendrick joined Samet & Company (now Mazers) full time as an audit associate. His eventual goal is to obtain his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, he’s eager to start building his network and professional skills.

He’ll take with him his training from both the classroom and the court. “Being an athlete also taught me so many things,” he said. “I learned how to manage my time, how to work well with people, how to give and take constructive criticism, and how to work within a system and instead of working for a system.”