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First-year teacher Jacquelyn Webb discovered Emmanuel College while searching for a strong undergraduate program. But it was prospects for a fast track Master of Education that brought her back to stay.

“I remember when I was taking my first tour here, I was interested in it then” said Webb. “It was something that made me pick Emmanuel for undergrad.”

 Webb will complete the Emmanuel 4+1 program in May, earning her master’s degree 12 months after her bachelor’s.  She said a combination of graduate classes during senior year and summer courses made it possible.

“It’s a nice head start,” she said. 

Webb earned her M. Ed. while teaching first grade at Saint Brendan School in Dorchester. She loves the curiosity and enthusiasm of that age group, adding undergraduate studies at Emmanuel provided a wide range of experiences to help her identify the best fit. 

“The professors at Emmanuel did a great job preparing me,” said Webb. “I started working in a classroom environment my freshman year.”

Growing up in a rural town south of Bangor, Maine, Webb always wanted to a teacher. Her early memories include playing school with her little sister and working with younger children at camps. Coming out of high school, she wanted to try city life and found Emmanuel to be the best of both worlds.

“I came to visit Emmanuel and just fell in love with it,” she said. “You get to be in the big city, but you also get to be part of a small community.”

Webb plans to keep teaching for the foreseeable future, but said it’s nice to have more options after graduate school. 

“I’m really just trying open more doors for myself,” she said. “The more qualifications you have, the better.” 

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