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Student Life

From an early age, Campbell Shealy '22 was interested in two things—living in a big city and numbers.

Boston, with its opportunities in the finance industry, seemed like the ideal option for the South Carolina native, and Emmanuel, with its incomparable campus environment, the perfect choice of college.

Campbell’s introductory financial accounting course with Assistant Professor of Accounting Donna Marchand provided him with an exceptional foundation, which was followed by project-based courses with Assistant Professor of Accounting Aimee Bonneau that simulated the work environment and helped prepare him for his internships. With help from his professors, he got his resume in shape for the MSCPA Career Fair, where he connected with New England-based accounting and management firm BerryDunn and received a great first impression.

He was then invited to an open house event where he got to learn more about the company. “It was evident that BerryDunn had a great company culture and cared about their employees,” he said. “The company has a strong focus on sustainability and renewable energy which is a passion of mine.”

Since spring 2021, Campbell has completed three tax and audit internships with the company and was offered—and accepted—a full-time position after graduation. “Everyone I have worked with seems to love what they are doing and are always willing to lend a hand. It helped me learn an enormous amount in a short period of time.”

Along with his accounting experience, Campbell is taking scores of in-demand skills with him as he graduates. His time as a resident assistant improved his leadership skills, as well as communication, problem-solving and teamwork. “Being an RA before the pandemic and during the pandemic was a unique experience. From communicating to my floor the ever-evolving COVID protocols to hosting virtual events, this was a big challenge.”

Being a student-athlete on the Men’s Soccer Team also helped improve his time management skills, as he had to be intentional about prioritizing so he could excel in both the classroom and on the field. “I had a great experience playing soccer at Emmanuel as I immediately found a great group of friends,” he said. “One of my main priorities, especially as a junior and senior, was to ensure that each new member that joined our roster was welcomed and felt like they belonged. Playing on a team is about more than just winning games. This is certainly a life skill that I will carry with me when I graduate.”