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Cameron Howard '25 has set his sights on a career as a constitutional lawyer.

He discovered his passion for law in middle school as a participant in mock trial, and it intensified when he worked at a law firm in high school. Simultaneously, the turbulent presidential election season in his home state, Iowa, piqued his interest in politics. As a student at Emmanuel College, Cameron, an economics major, has integrated his love for law and politics.  

“Once I started studying politics, I enjoyed both learning theory and being able to better understand current events,” he said. “Politics and law go hand in hand, and both interests have grown alongside one another over my time in college.”  

Cameron's internships have laid a solid foundation for his career aspirations. He interned for U.S. Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, and he’s currently interning at Rasky Partners, a prominent lobbying firm in Boston. 

“With these internships, I've carved a path that aligns with my interests, and I’ve cultivated and a lot of connections that will definitely be very beneficial for me going forward,” he said.  

professor Lenore Martin Cameron Howard with research project
Political Science students present their summer research projects to the Emmanuel Community. Pictured (L-R) Makayla Kalman '24, Lindsey Snider '25, Professor of Political Science Dr. Lenore Martin, Joshua Luedke '26, and Cameron Howard ’25.

His campus involvement is equally impressive, holding leadership roles such as secretary of the Class of 2025 Student Government Association, vice president of the Law and Legal Studies Club, and serving as a student member of the Academic Integrity Board. 

 How does Cameron manage such a busy schedule? A scholarship has relieved the financial burden of attending Emmanuel College, allowing him to maximize his college experience without the added pressure of seeking employment.  

“The aid has opened doors and enabled me to focus on opportunities and interests that will help me achieve my goals,” Cameron said. “If I had had to work a job rather than engage in internships, I never would have gained so many relevant skills and connections. My family and I are profoundly grateful for the scholarship.”  

Cameron transferred to Emmanuel for his sophomore year. He attended another, larger Boston school, but the cost was an obstacle for his family. The scholarship made the decision to transfer an easy one. He has no regrets about his decision to transfer. He values the close-knit community and opportunities to work closely with faculty. 

"The intimacy of a small school affords you the chance to do several internships and work closely with professors,” he said. 

 Cameron has forged close relationships with several professors. He served as a research assistant for Professor of Political Science Dr. Lenore Martin, studying ethnic minorities and foreign policy, with a specific focus on the Kurdish minority in Turkey.  

“Working for Professor Martin over the summer as a research assistant gave me excellent exposure to research skills, and she helped to prepare a presentation of my paper this past fall at the Northeastern Political Science Association's conference,” he said. 

 Cameron’s potential is limitless. Keep a close eye on Cameron Howard as he navigates his future in the field of law.