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Andrew Moyseowicz '11 has pursued an extraordinary career in public service that transcends borders.

In sharing insights into his unique journey that has taken him from Emmanuel College to Washington, DC, to Saudi Arabia, Andrew highlighted his enduring connections to Emmanuel College and the significance of philanthropy in shaping educational legacies. 

Andrew was drawn to Emmanuel for its intimate campus within the heart of Boston. The College provided not only academic opportunities but also a supportive community committed to public service — a consistent thread throughout his career.  

“While my experience at Emmanuel pointed me to a career in public service, the personal connections and bonds keep me rooted to the College,” he said. In fact, he remains best friends with his freshman roommate, Patrick Dillon ‘11. Patrick's younger brother, Matthew Dillon ‘16, passed away tragically just months after graduating from Emmanuel. Andrew honors Matthew’s legacy with a recurring donation to the Matthew James Dillon Endowed Scholarship. 

“It's important to me that I keep his name and legacy alive and support his family,” Andrew said. While at Emmanuel, Andrew’s parents lived overseas, and the Dillon family provided him a home away from home. “Their doors were always open to me. The Dillons have a special bond with Emmanuel — all three siblings attended the college.” Megan Dillon graduated in 2010. 

Additionally, Andrew received a full-tuition Presidential Scholarship, which provided him with further incentive to give back to the College. “Being a scholarship recipient encourages me to donate. Recurring gifts are an effortless way to sustain the College’s mission and make a lasting impact.”  Andrew is a member of the St Julie Billiart Giving Society, which honors Emmanuel’s most loyal donors, those who have given for three consecutive years and every year thereafter. 

While my experience at Emmanuel pointed me to a career in public service, the personal connections and bonds keep me rooted to the College.

Career in Public Service 

After graduating from Emmanuel, Andrew began his career in public service. He worked in Boston-area homeless shelters as an AmeriCorps VISTA. Drawing on connections he made at Emmanuel, he also served as an intern for both former Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA). His path eventually led him to the International Trade Administration, an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce that promotes U.S. exports and foreign direct investment. In his role as Senior International Trade Specialist in the Office of Energy & Environmental Industries, he advises policymakers and companies on opportunities and challenges facing the global electric power sector — an industry that sits at the intersection of international affairs, public policy, national security, and climate change. Andrew briefly left the International Trade Administration to earn his master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University, where he met his wife. 

Andrew’s relocation to Saudi Arabia was driven by his wife's position as a Foreign Service Officer with the State Department. While his own work for the Commerce Department could have anchored him in Washington, DC, he embraced the opportunity to accompany his spouse overseas and work remotely. 

Andrew's tenure at Emmanuel College was not only defined by academic pursuits but also by his involvement in the Model United Nations team, a platform that ignited his passion for diplomacy and global engagement — and further cemented the bond between Andrew and the Dillon family. Andrew served as President and Treasurer of the club, and both Patrick and Matthew were active participants on the team.  

“Matt Dillon was the golden boy younger brother not only for his brother Pat, but also for Andrew and that entire group of friends. He was truly a special young man always with a great affable smile and tremendously giving attitude,” said Petros Vamvakas, Ph.D., Director, Institute of Eastern Mediterranean Studies at Emmanuel. “Andrew, always the leader of the pack, really found his public voice at the Model United Nations conferences, without the shield of his guitar. A real privilege to be their teacher, and to be part of their path.” 

Drawing on his expertise and passion for Model UN, Andrew established a similar program in Saudi Arabia. He’s collaborating with high-ranking members of the U.S. embassy and diplomatic community in Riyadh to host a Model UN Conference at the American International School of Riyadh. Through this initiative, Andrew seeks to empower students with the skills of diplomacy and leadership, embodying the ethos of public service instilled at Emmanuel College. 

Andrew Moyseowicz's journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and the enduring impact of friendship. Andrew's unwavering dedication to public service and commitment to fostering meaningful connections serves as a beacon of inspiration.