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Adom Oshagan '24 can trace his Emmanuel academic journey back to a high school economics class that left an indelible mark on his mindset.

"Our teacher segued from the stock market increasing to telling all of his 17- or 18- year old students to invest in their retirement funds,” he said. “He wanted people to value experiences, travel, and be smart with their money because it only takes a bit of education to go a long way." Inspired by this lesson in financial literacy, Adom embarked on his path toward economics (and also took that advice to kickstart his retirement savings).

He made his way to Boston from Glendale, Calif., in search of the opportunities found in a big city. Here, he has found new mentors in Emmanuel faculty, including Dr. Shuyi Jiang, Dr. Mark Sherman, and Dr. Brendan Sullivan. Reflecting on his experiences in Dr. Sullivan’s calculus classes, Adom acknowledges the professor’s role in showing him the interconnected nature of mathematics and economics. 

“His way of teaching broke down many of the barriers I thought were reasons why I couldn’t be a mathematician,” he said. “I learned there are so many avenues you can explore and ways to make predictions with mathematical models.” This sparked Adom’s interest in statistical analysis, econometrics, forecasting and more. 

Since the fall of 2023, and with the recommendation of Dr. Jiang, Adom has served as a research intern at global market research consultancy CoreData Research, alongside Emmanuel alumni Michael Morley’12 and Victoria Servare ’22. As a data analytics minor, the internship has allowed him to narrow his focus on potential career paths while broadening his perspective on the diverse specializations and opportunities to hone expertise within economics and data analytics sectors.

Another perk of Adom’s newfound “home” is the College’s home turf, Clemente Field, on which he plays as a member of the Saints Men’s Soccer Team. “Playing soccer had a big role in my decision to come to Emmanuel,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to have an overnight visit and spend a night on campus with two players on the team, both of whom I am now great friends with. I remember playing pick-up soccer for the first time with the Prudential Center as the backdrop and really enjoying my time here.”

Outside the classroom and off the field, Adom is the founder and president of the Chess Club and lead peer tutor in the Academic Resource Center for courses like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics. 

"I'd like my experience with Chess Club to be an inspiration to students who are thinking of starting a club on a topic that they're passionate," he said. "It took me just a few weeks of asking the right questions to get Chess Club underway and keep it fully managed." 

Like most Saints, Adom wears many hats, and he wouldn't have it any other way. "As a player on the men’s soccer team, I developed a strong sense of time management, personability, and overall discipline. Being able to manage soccer, part-time jobs, and my studies has given me the confidence and belief in myself that I can tackle any problem or any obstacle that comes my way." 

After his graduation in May 2024, Adom will take on a full-time role as a research analyst with CoreData Research. In his career, he hopes to carve out a path in which he can use his expertise to “solve cool and interesting problems.” He wants to gain some work experience and further hone his interests in economics and data before potentially earning his master’s degree.