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The School offers expanded hands-on learning opportunities for economics, finance, accounting, data analytics and marketing students through its new finance & analytics lab, which is outfitted with new technology in the Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center.

"Students in all of our programs, but especially those in the data analytics and finance programs, are fortunate to have access to these workstations loaded with the industry-leading software applications," said Associate Dean of Business & Management/Assistant Professor of Management, Anne Marie Pasquale.

Installed in early 2022, the lab contains a live ticker with real-time financial information and stock prices, as well as 24 high-performance workstations featuring computers loaded with cutting edge software. Half the workstations are designated as Bloomberg terminals, giving students access to the same assets used by investment professionals in the field, including international news and research, real-time business data, and information on global markets.

Recessed dual monitors allow for classroom conversion and flexibility, and the labs’ machines are designed to support the new cross-disciplinary academic program in integrated digital and data sciences. Students taking courses within the data analytics minor, such as Introduction to Programming and Practical Machine Learning, can also reserve these computers in the evenings and weekends for more advanced projects. 

"School of Business & Management students can become Bloomberg-certified as early as sophomore year, giving them the opportunity to complete internships early, often with some of Boston's leading financial institutions," said Pasquale.

The lab also offers students new opportunities to earn in-demand credentials and certificates, including a certification in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), which covers trends and common ESG investment strategies, analysis of integration processes, exploration of shareholder activism and the influence on corporate behavior, as well as experiential learning of the investment process.

"Management, marketing and accounting majors now complete live case studies as part of their senior capstone course, solving real business issues for growing Boston businesses,” explained Pasquale. “Most colleges rely on business simulations, but at Emmanuel, we give students real-life business scenarios and let them lead the way forward through actual business challenges."

During the Spring 2022 semester, 32 students made up the first cohort to complete the Bloomberg certification. Graduates of this program have gone on to accept offers at leading corporations such as Morgan Stanley, Bain Capital, Fidelity Investments and Boston Consulting Group.

"These classroom tools and real-world experiences partnering with Boston businesses put them into the market well ahead of their counterparts at other business programs,” said Pasquale. "This gives them a real edge beyond Emmanuel."