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President & Leadership

Dear Members of the Emmanuel College Community,

I am humbled and deeply moved to be asked to serve as Acting President of Emmanuel College. To be granted this opportunity to lead an institution and community I have loved for so long is a profound privilege.

To be sure, this is a transitional moment for Emmanuel. Yet in a sense, change—and a willingness to embrace and adapt to it—has been the through-line of the Emmanuel story since the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur opened our doors in 1919. The bold, creative spirit of Emmanuel’s past leaders is a particular inspiration to me now as I take up the responsibilities of this office.

Now and in the time ahead, it is important to remember that so much of what has always made Emmanuel special remains at the core of our community. Our Catholic educational mission and values, our commitment to excellence, our culture of authentic kindness, inclusion, and warmth—these are our roots, and I know from experience how strong they are and how deep they run.

Moreover, this is a moment of unique possibility for Emmanuel. This is due partly to the remarkable dynamism and innovation we see in our Longwood neighborhood and throughout our city. I look forward to working with all of you—Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, families, friends, and, above all, students—to make the most of the possibilities of this time and place and to create ever-more extraordinary learning experiences for our students.

I enter this role with immense gratitude for the working relationships and friendships I have developed with so many of you over the past 23 years. Time and again, I have been amazed by your expertise, commitment, and good will—and by what we are capable of achieving together. I ask you now to pray that Emmanuel, our God with us, may afford me the grace and wisdom to serve as an effective steward of our mission, and that this community in the heart of Boston may remain vibrant, unified, and leaning into the future.

Dr. Beth Ross
Acting President