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Business & Entrepreneurship


A recent speaker event on campus spotlighted Emmanuel’s longstanding focus on ethics and social responsibility across a range of professions and endeavors, including business and entrepreneurship.

On October 4th, Doug Rauch, former president of the Trader Joe’s Company and currently founder and president of Daily Table, gave a talk sponsored by the Emmanuel Business Collaborative. In his remarks, Rauch recounted the growth of Trader Joe’s from a small, nine-store chain in Southern California to a nationally acclaimed retail success story.

In addition, he discussed the business model of Daily Table, a groundbreaking nonprofit retail company dedicated to addressing the issue of food insecurity. Rauch is a founding board member of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., which promotes the idea that business should be a force for good. According to Rauch, the organization engages business leaders by asking, “Would you like to have a little less of a negative impact on the earth? Would you like to have more of a human-centric culture and outcome? Would you like to have a sense of purpose that inspires your team and investors? Here’s how we can help you move in that direction.”