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The vast array of career paths in such a widely ranging field like Marketing can be hard to envision – especially for a college student still deciding their career path. But for those students, there’s now a comprehensive guide with Emmanuel’s name on the cover.

Emmanuel Assistant Professor of Marketing Eric Siebert’s newly published book, which he titled The Emmanuel College Guide to Careers in Marketing: Discover the Hottest Careers in Digital and Traditional Marketing, draws from his years of experience in the industry.

He stamped the guide with the Emmanuel name because of the impact his two years teaching at the College has had on him in such a short time: “I was inspired by all of my students here and my advisees. I really do appreciate what I’m getting back from my teaching – and did this also through my appreciation for Emmanuel.”

He said it’s been particularly great when his former students stay in touch and they share that something they learned at Emmanuel has helped them to excel in their job. “We do a great job of preparing students here.”

Siebert plans to donate any and all royalties from the book’s sale to Emmanuel College as well. More so than anything, he said he wanted to use the Emmanuel name to get the college more recognition to help it get seen as “an authority in Marketing.”

Siebert himself is one – having earned an MBA in Marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business – and having worn a variety of hats throughout his career, working with companies like iHeartMedia, Boston Scientific, IBM, or elsewhere. In his writing, he ties his knowledge and experience together to provide a framework of the marketing profession for aspiring students.

In a book talk on the Emmanuel campus on March 19th, Siebert explained to students and faculty that he had wished for more guidance in the early stages of his marketing career – leading him to gear his guide towards graduating college seniors or anyone considering a career change into the marketing field.

The presentation on March 19th echoed many of the themes of the guide, such as identifying some of the “hottest” marketing roles in the current market: Digital Campaign Analyst, Market Research Manager and User Experience Researcher to name a select few.

Siebert also helped map out where certain roles connect with particular skill sets and interests, contrasting the “business side” of a Brand or Product Manager from the more creative and free-flowing nature of working as a Social Media Manager.

But above all, Siebert encouraged Emmanuel students to keep an open mind when it comes to their career opportunities around the corner.

“[At first] I didn’t get a job offer in Advertising, I got one in Brand Management, which was much better for me! Lesson learned: sometimes the powers that be direct you down a path whether you think that it’s right for you or not,” Siebert said.

For more information on the book, including where to download it, click here.