I have been enthusiastic about both biology and teaching as a career path since taking AP Biology in high school lead by a very engaging and dedicated teacher. Those two interests lead me to pursue both biological research and teaching experiences throughout my undergraduate and graduate school years. I am fascinated by biology as a subject and enjoy translating that passion in the classroom to students from varied backgrounds and interests in science and especially catering learning experiences to individual career interests and goals.

What I Love About Emmanuel: 

I love the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the focus on student-centered learning and teaching. I enjoy the close-knit interactions between faculty and students that is facilitated by the small class sizes. I love the varied perspectives and strong, meaningful insights of students in the classroom environment.

Ph.D., Biology, University of Massachusetts-Boston
M.S., Biology, San Francisco State University & California Academy Sciences
B.S., Biological Sciences, University of California-Davis
  • BIOL2121 Human Health and Environment
  • BIOL2121L Human Health and Environment Lab
  • BIOL1105L Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab
  • BIOL2135L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
Závada, T., Malik, R. J., Mazumder, L., & Kesseli, R. V. (2022). Radical shift in the genetic composition of New England chicory populations. Journal of Ecology, 00, 1– 9. https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2745.13968
Mazumder, Lisa & Kesseli, Rick. (2021). Population structure, seasonal genotypic differentiation, and clonal diversity of weedy dandelions in three Boston area populations (Taraxacum sp.). Ecology and Evolution, 11(16):10926-10935. doi: 10.1002/ece3.7870.
Pearse, Ian S.; Porensky, Lauren M.; Yang, Louie H.; Stanton, Maureen L.; Karban, Richard; Bhattacharyya, Lisa; Cox, Rosa; Dove, Karin; Higgins, August; Kamoroff, Corrina; Kirk, Travis; Knight, Christopher; Koch, Rebecca; Parker, Corwin; Rollins, Hilary; Tanner, Kelsey; Heil, Martin. (2012). Complex Consequences of Herbivory and Interplant Cues in Three Annual Plants. PLoS ONE, 7(5), p. e38105.

Bettina Hall Harrison Graduate Award for Outstanding Teaching (UMB)

Population Genetics, Molecular Evolution