Jeffrey Lopes is an educator, law enforcement practitioner and social justice champion. He is a believer that social justice, law and order and safety, are not compartmentalized abstracts and opposites but achievable intertwined policy outcomes.  

He is the President of a statewide Minority Law Enforcement organization, Non-Profit Founder, Boston Police Detective and Doctor of Law and Policy with keen experiential expertise in directing large-scale impact leadership initiatives designed to create intersectional success outcomes specific to public safety and socially-just equity. He is a policy and programmatic thought-leader with proven ability in ideating, innovating and implementing solution-based, state-level, engagement and empowerment responses that create the common-ground requisite for socially-just procedures, practices and pathways to collective safety. He is a Bridge Builder and Peace Builder.

Ph.D., Northeastern University; M.S.,B.S., Suffolk University

  • Juvenile Justice/Legal Rights
  • Law & Criminal Procedure 
  • Professional Ethics in CCJ