I came back to academia after thirteen years of working in the corporate sector, specifically focusing on building, scaling, and expanding health-related organizations in both early stage/start-up and non-profit arenas. I really enjoyed many facets of these organizations but missed working directly in human services.

My research has focused on organizational and workforce capacity in addiction treatment, systemic components of addiction, social workers exposure to research-based curriculum (specifically related to substance use disorder), and stigma. As a macro (policy) social worker, I am very interested in the intersection of policy and stigma.

In my courses, I often utilize content from my grant/research-related experiences at The Center for Addictions Research and Services at Boston University School of Social Work and the Butler Institute for Families at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. I also augment my social work courses with content related to my experience as a foster parent (and former foster kid), human services employee, and social worker.

What I Love About Emmanuel:

I love the collegial environment at Emmanuel - I feel like I really get a chance to get to know my students and colleagues.

Ph.D., Boston University; M.P.H., Boston University School of Public Health; M.S.W., Boston University School of Social Work; A.B., Harvard University

  • SOC1101 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC1111 - Introduction to Social Work
  • SOC4194 - Internship


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 Refereed Journal Articles:

  • Krull, I., Salas-Wright, C., Amodeo, M., Hall, T., Alford, D., & Lundgren, L. (In Press). Integrating alcohol and other drug content in the social work curriculum: Current practices and perceived barriers. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.
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  • 2017: Guest Researcher Appointment, Umeå University Department of Social Work, Umeå, Sweden 
  • 2017: Incoming Researcher Grant, FORTE, Sweden
  • 2012: Boston University Dissertation Award recipient
  • 2008U.S. Patent Number WO/2008/095002.  Systems and Techniques for Producing Spoken Voice Prompts. Washington, D.C. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Merrow, L., Drane, A., Krull, I.
  • 2008: U.S. Patent Number WO/2008/092085.  Systems and Methods for Producing Build Calls. Washington, D.C. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Lavoie, L., Merrow, L., Drane, A., Rizzo, F., Krull, I.
  • 2005: Recipient of the Sarah Lange Award for Social Justice, Boston University
  • 1995: Teacher of the Month, New England Center for Autism, Framingham, MA
  • 1995: Recipient, Federal Autism Educator Education Grant (1 year program), Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Serve as Director of Evaluation on the following project:

  • Health Resources and Services Administration-funded (HRSA) (PI Dr. Lena Lundgren):  "In the Community Mental Health Training for Social Workers" (2012 - 2015).

Served as Data Analyst on the following projects:

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded (PI Dr. Lena Lundgren):  "Factors Associated With Adopting Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Practices in Community Organizations Funded through Federal Program Efforts: A National Study" (2008 - 2012).
  • SAMHSA/CSAP funded (PI Dr. Lena Lundgren):  "LaVoz Homeless Treatment Project: Focusing on HIV/AIDS, Housing and Substance Abuse Treatment for Homeless Latino Substance Abusers." (2008 - 2013); "Outcome Evaluation of Tu Bienestar - HIV Prevention and Mental Health Services to Latino Substance Users" (2008 - 2013); "La Voz: HIV Mobile Prevention and Clinical Care for Latino Injection Drug Users" (2006 - 2011).

Served as Editorial Assistant for: