Born and raised in Ireland, I studied nursing in a Hospital Diploma program, graduating in 1994. I practiced in Ireland for 1 year, then came to the US in 1995. Nursing in the US was quite different to nursing in Ireland at the time, with a more robust scope of practice and greater autonomy, which I loved! I studied for my BSN and continued working in Medical Surgical nursing while raising my family. A colleague introduced me to clinical education and I have been hooked since! I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl and I volunteer with various community organizations. In my spare time I like swimming, gardening and the theater.

What I love about Emmanuel
I love how warm and welcoming it is! Everyone is committed to ensuring students and faculty have the tools that they need to be successful.
RN from Portiuncula Hospital School of Nursing, Co Galway, Ireland
BSN from Dublin City University, Ireland
MSN from Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Pathopharmacology I