Early Decision at Emmanuel College

Have you fallen in love with Emmanuel's beautiful campus in the heart of Boston? Ready to dive into a 13:1 student faculty ratio personalized mentorship for your future goals? Show us you're interested in joining our community by selecting an Early Decision application plan!


Early Decision may be the right choice if...

  • Emmanuel has risen to your #1 top choice
  • You want to be one of the first students considered for admission and merit scholarships. You'll automatically be considered for merit-based scholarship that will celebrate your academic and personal success during your high school years.
  • You want to fully embrace and enjoy the spring of your senior year because you'll know where you're headed for the fall before January!

Want to chat further with your admissions counselor to see which application plan may be the best fit for you? Email admissions [at] emmanuel.edu (admissions[at]emmanuel[dot]edu )or call 617-735-9715.


Early Decision Application Instructions

  • Students may apply through the Common Application
  • Your application will be reviewed with academic grades received through your first three years of high school
  • Emmanuel is a test-optional college. If you choose to submit your test scores and are applying Early Decision, you must take the act or SAT no later than the October test date.

Early Decision Agreement

As a part of the Early Decision application process, all applicants will be required to sign an Early Decision agreement form through their Common Application that acknowledges that should they be offered admission to Emmanuel College, they will choose to accept and attend Emmanuel and will withdraw all other college applications to any other institutions. The document must also be signed by a parent or guardian and a school counselor.

Admission Decisions

Student will be notified of a decision on November 15th. There are three possible decisions:

  • Accepted Early Decision
  • Deferred to Regular Decision (competitive applicants for admission will be deferred to our Regular Decision round and be given additional consideration for admission)
  • Deny (Candidates who would not be competitive in our Regular Decision round will be denied admission. This allows them to focus time and effort on other post-secondary options)

Students who are accepted are required to withdraw all other applications. The enrollment deposit for Early Decision Applicants is $700 and is due by January 15th.

Merit Scholarship and Financial Aid

All Early Decision applicants will be automatically considered for merit-based financial aid and will receive a scholarship decision, if accepted.

While financial aid packaging at Emmanuel will not be affected by applying Early Decision, students who choose to apply early are making a commitment to attend Emmanuel without having the opportunity to review their full financial aid package. Therefore, if financial factors could impact your decision to attend Emmanuel, Early Decision may not be the best choice. Students may be released from their Early Decision commitment if, after a conversation with our Student Financial Services office, financial factors preclude enrollment.

If you have any questions about Early Decision and out decision plans, please do not hesitate to contact us at 617-735-9715 or admissions [at] emmanuel.edu (admissions[at]emmanuel[dot]edu)

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