Emmanuel College will grant credit for courses taken at post-secondary institutions, accredited by one of the six regional accrediting commissions, which are comparable in content, scope, and rigor to course offerings within the academic programs offered at Emmanuel College. Coursework must be offered within the transfer institution's structured term and may not be offered as a "self-paced" module. Advanced Placement (AP) courses may typically offer college credit equivalent for one full course at Emmanuel, with a passing score and the respective AP course is transcripted on the official high school transcript or completed prior to matriculation at Emmanuel. If you receive credit for an AP examination, you will be placed at an advanced level in the appropriate academic department. Generally scores of 4 or 5 are accepted in exchange for credit at Emmanuel. High School students should review the High School College Level Credit section for more information on courses and credits eligible for transfer.

In general, 3-4 semester credits, or the equivalent, will be eligible for transfer. Courses associated with credits in non-semester hours will be converted to equivalent semester hours. Courses that are worth 3-semester credits at the undergraduate level will be accepted as 4 credits at Emmanuel.  Students transferring from institutions on the quarter-hour system will be granted 0.67 semester hours per quarter-hour. Not all credits granted will necessarily be applicable to degree requirements. If previous course work does not apply to the degree program or if no comparable course at Emmanuel College can be identified, and yet the course work is comparable to college-level work and meets the criteria of being comparable to the scope, content, and rigor of courses offered at Emmanuel, then free elective credit may be granted.

Emmanuel College awards credits only for transfer courses. Grades from transfer institutions are not included in the Emmanuel grade point average and will not appear on the Emmanuel College transcript, with the exception of Arts and Sciences students who complete courses through the Colleges of the Fenway consortium post matriculation through the official cross-registration process and the Emmanuel at Leeds study abroad program.

No credit will be granted for the following: self-paced coursework not offered within a structured term with clear start/end dates, vocational coursework, continuing education units, pre-collegiate or remedial courses, including any ESL coursework, social activities, or correspondence courses. Courses with online labs will not be accepted to fulfill the General Education Scientific Inquiry with Lab or Natural Science with Lab requirements or major requirements with a lab component. Military courses on a Joint Services transcript with content that are within the scope of programs offered at Emmanuel will be accepted for credit. Courses with credits in non-semester hours will be converted to equivalent semester hours.

Students who repeat courses at Emmanuel College for which they have already received transfer credit will lose that transfer credit.

The Registrar's Office evaluates each course individually by reviewing course descriptions and on occasion, course syllabi. A course equivalent will be assigned to each course granted transfer credit, and the evaluator will indicate if that credit will apply to general education requirements. If the student has indicated an intended major, the course will be reviewed by the major department evaluator, if necessary, who will indicate if that credit will apply to degree requirements.

Students with outstanding final official transcripts from any previous institution attended will have a registration hold placed on their records preventing their second semester registration at Emmanuel until the official transcript is received.

If you are applying to Emmanuel and have questions concerning transfer credit, please email admissions [at] emmanuel.edu (admissions[at]emmanuel[dot]edu.)

Student residency requirements determined by student type (graduate or undergraduate) and point of matriculation at Emmanuel College.


School of Nursing Transfer Policy for BSN program:

All Emmanuel College Nursing courses must be taken at Emmanuel. The School of Nursing does not accept internal or external transfer students into the traditional undergraduate nursing program at the present time. 

There are no course exemptions for nursing specific courses. Advanced placement credit may be awarded for non-Nursing Courses.

The Maureen Murphy Wilkens School of Nursing Program does not allow advanced placement of Military Education into the nursing curriculum.   It also does not allow the transfer of military education into the curriculum. Additionally, the program does not allow credit for training or service for a military health care occupation into the curriculum.