Emmanuel and four of its neighboring colleges- Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MCPHS University, Simmons University and Wentworth Institute of Technology---comprise the Colleges of the Fenway Consortium, a collaboration that benefits students by offering cross-registration to second-semester freshmen or above at no additional cost.

Students may take up to two courses each semester at a COF institution.  Students may typically register for COF courses the week following priority web registration.  Once enrolled at the COF institution, the Registrar's Office at the host institution will confirm the student registration with the Emmanuel College Office of the Registrar. Emmanuel will then add a "bucket" course to the Emmanuel registration so that the credits are factoring into the student's schedule for that semester and billable and financial aid eligible credits.  At the end of the semester, the host institution will confirm the grade with the Emmanuel College Office of the Registrar and we will post the grade and credit on the Emmanuel transcript. The grade posting will permit these courses to apply to the Emmanuel College GPA. Courses completed at a COF institution prior to matriculation at Emmanuel College or completed at Massachusetts College of Art and Design during the summer session are not considered "cross-registered" courses and are treated as transfer credit, where only the credit and not the grade is listed on the Emmanuel transcript. Courses completed via cross-registration are considered "in-residence" and count toward the 64 credit total and 50% of major and minor courses that need to be completed at Emmanuel College.  Mass College of Art and Design does not participate in cross-registration over the summer, and thus any courses completed at Mass Art over the summer are considered transfer credit and will be transferred into Emmanuel as transfer credit and not 'in residence' credit.

Courses completed at a COF institution via cross-registration must meet the grade requirements for the specific requirement (e.g. a minimum grade of D is needed to fulfill general requirements, and a minimum grade of C is needed to fulfill major or minor requirements).  P grades will be accepted from Massachusetts College of Art and Design as they have indicated that their P grades are equivalent to a C for transfer purposes.

While it is possible, students are not encouraged to enroll in cross-registration during their last semester as each individual institution has their own grades due dates for faculty and students will want to ensure all of their final grades have been posted prior to the degree conferral date. Grades received after the degree conferral date may impact the student's ability to receive their diploma at commencement.
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