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At Emmanuel College, the journey of career development starts on day one.

Faculty and staff guide students through a process of discovery in preparation for a lifetime of personal and career fulfillment, not simply a job after college.

We help students make connections with the people and experiences that allow them to:

  • explore academic interests
  • further develop leadership skills
  • build a résumé through internships, service-learning and involvement
  • broaden their horizons with study abroad, volunteer experiences and spiritual retreats
  • become a vital part of the Emmanuel campus community.

A liberal arts and sciences education is an education of the whole person, offering a broad range of programs to explore — and the first year at Emmanuel College is about exploring.

  • Students are assigned to an Academic Advisor and a Career Advisor at Orientation and meet regularly throughout the year.
  • Participation in the required First-Year Planning and Engagement course prepares students for future internship and job searches.
  • Small, discussion-based classes allow students to develop close relationships with classmates and faculty.
  • Through the curriculum/general requirements, student begin to develop the characteristics employers seek – strong written and oral communication skills, the ability to analyze and interpret data, and proficiency in solving problems critically and ethically.
  • Involvement in Residence Life gives students access to programming focused on personal growth. Ninety percent of first-year students live on campus in the residence halls.
  • The Academic Resources Center (ARC) offers a range of services to assist students with academic exploration and success, including peer tutoring; study groups; specialist services in writing, math and the sciences; academic and writing skills workshop; and individual coaching.
  • ARC0101: Strategies for Academic Success is a voluntary seminar to help first-year students enhance time management, study and test-taking strategies.

During the second year at Emmanuel, students are truly engaging in the life of the College. They’ve had a chance to explore academic interests and learn about the range of majors, minors and concentrations offered at the College.

  • Sophomores formally choose a major in the second semester and participate in the declaration ceremony; a faculty advisor is selected. There are more than 70 majors, minors and areas of study in the liberal arts and sciences offered at Emmanuel.
  • Collaborating with Academic Advising, the Career Center and International Programs, students seek and find ways to fit such experiences as study abroad and internships into their college plan. Opportunities are available to study in 65+ countries.
  • Further develop your résumé by pursuing leadership positions in student organizations, part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities.
  • Students utilize the Academic Resource Center (ARC) by engaging in individual and group tutoring sessions, participating in writing and study strategy workshops, meeting with academic coaches to enhance study and time management skills, and more.
  • Many activities are available which expand the mission of Emmanuel and the Sisters of Notre Dame, including Alternative Spring Break, retreats, service-learning and volunteering. Eighty percent of Emmanuel students participate in some type of community service.

As students become upperclassmen, the focus is building expertise, networks and résumés.

  • Juniors delve deeply into their chosen area of study and transition to the faculty advisor within the discipline.
  • Students study abroad often for a semester, but opportunities for global experiences are also available for a summer or even a week through faculty-led travel courses in Ireland, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, India and South Africa.
  • The Career Center becomes an invaluable resource for alumni networks, résumé refinement, graduate school research and internship searches. Emmanuel’s HireSaints database gives students access to nearly 1,000 internship and job listings.
  • Juniors often conduct research on and off campus, publish creative writing and articles in journals and anthologies, and present at national conferences.
  • During the junior year, students apply for prestigious scholarships and fellowships. The Scholarship and Fellowship Committee offers guidance for applying for such opportunities as Fulbright, Marshall, Carnegie, Wilson and Truman.
  • Leadership roles available to juniors include positions as Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, retreat leaders, tutors and mentors. Graduates have shared that these experiences significantly contributed to their success, allowing them to develop key skills for the workplace.

The senior year begins the process of embarking on the future. The exploration, engagement and building for three years have resulted in senior status, and an exciting year is ahead.

  • Students continue to hone professional skills through networking, interview preparation and internships. One hundred percent of students participate in an internship/experiential work while at Emmanuel.
  • For those preparing for graduate school, the Academic Resource Center provides guidance for the application process and test requirements, while faculty members advise on programs that match interests and goals. Emmanuel graduates have recently been accepted to programs at Harvard University, Boston College, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, among others.
  • Seniors complete a capstone experience, which brings together the knowledge, skills and experience of the undergraduate liberal arts and sciences program.
  • Students often conduct extensive research with a member of the faculty, which is ultimately presented to the College community.
  • Seniors hold positions in student government, are athletic team captains and lead retreats.