FAQs for Students and Families

Incoming students should submit all necessary documentation to SAA. Once the spring semester concludes at Emmanuel, SAA will email students to schedule a virtual intake meeting in August or the first few weeks of the semester. At this meeting, documentation is reviewed, reasonable accommodations are determined, and forms are completed for upcoming professors. However, SAA is always happy to coordinate a time to answer questions.

Documentation(include link to the content of page 15 of this document “Procedure for Obtaining Accommodations”) can be submitted to Student Accessibility and Accommodations via email: accommodations [at] emmanuel.edu (accommodations[at]emmanuel[dot]edu) or Fax: 617-975-9322. Typically, incoming/transfer students begin to submit documentation in May after the current EC semester concludes or after they commit to Emmanuel. 

Since collegiate accommodations are a student-driven process in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students are expected to make their own accommodation requests and discuss other disability/impairment-related needs with SAA. However, students have the opportunity to sign a disclosure during their intake meeting with SAA.

Documentation can be completed by a qualified treating or diagnosing professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, licensed certified social worker, medical doctor, optometrists, neurologist, school psychologist, etc.) who is not a family member of the student.  

  • Extended time for assessments (typically “time and a half”)
  • Distraction-reduced, smaller setting for assessments
  • Use of computer or other assistive technology in class/on assessments
  • Use of computer technology for audio note-taking

Once a student initially registers with SAA, they would follow the re-registration process through SAA each semester to continue with the eligible accommodations in future semesters; however, documentation would only need to be submitted once (at the time of the initial meeting), unless there is additional documentation to consider in the accommodations process. When re-registering for accommodations, a student would request new Faculty Accommodation Forms to inform the current semester’s professors of the eligible accommodations.

No. The College doesn't offer assessment or testing services and are not required to pay for assessments performed elsewhere. 

No, this information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any faculty or staff. Your professors will only be notified of the accommodations to be used in their classroom when you present the accommodation forms. 

To pursue a foreign language waiver, a student should submit supporting documentation and meet with SAA to discuss their individual circumstance.

Housing accommodations provide equal opportunity in residential facilities for students with documented disabilities/impairments. Some students may pursue housing accommodations if they have mobility needs that cannot be met in a traditional room or if they have medical needs that involve extensive apparatus or medicine regimens that may not be conducive in a traditional room.

SAA Contact Information

Student Accessibility and Accommodations (SAA)
Email: accommodations [at] emmanuel.edu (accommodations[at]emmanuel[dot]edu)
Fax: 617-975-9322
Noelle Deady, Associate Director
gallin [at] emmanuel.edu (gallin[at]emmanuel[dot]edu)
Phone: 617-732-1681
Caroline Talton, Accommodations Coordinator
taltonc [at] emmanuel.edu (taltonc[at]emmanuel[dot]edu)
Phone: 617-735-9923
Student Accessibility and Accommodations (located within the Academic Resource Center)
Cardinal Cushing Library, G06 (Ground Level), 400 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115