At the core of their roles, HR practitioners are responsible for ensuring that organizations provide fair, just and inclusive work environments based on social, legal and economic frameworks.

Human resources are the often unseen (and unsung) professionals within a successfully run organization. HR departments in the modern workplace are shifting away from focusing on compliance and liability issues, and focusing on creating people-driven, productive organizations in which employees are engaged and energized. This wide-ranging profession shapes and monitors company culture; recruits, hires and successfully onboards top talent; researches and recommends market-based salaries and competitive compensation and benefit plans; assist in conflict management and more.

As advised by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the curriculum combines a base of business courses and electives centered on communications, data analysis, and supporting diverse and inclusive work environments.

The Curriculum

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Requirements for a minor in Human Resource Management

A Minor in Human Resource Management consists of six courses:

  1. MGMT1101 Intro to Business
  2. MGMT2301 Legal Environment of Business
  3. MGMT2307 Organizational Behavior (SA) (SS) (DM)
  4. MGMT2207 Human Resource Management

5. Skills-Based Elective (choose one):

  • COMM2510 Professional Communication
  • COMM2521 Public Relations & Persuasion (LI)
  • IDDS2201 Data Analytics 
  • MGMT2310 Business Analytics

6. Diversity and Inclusion Elective (choose one):

  • COMM3806 Health Communication (SJ)
  • EDUC3210 The Politics of Education Policy: Developing Agency (SJ)
  • EDUC3467 Education Diverse Students (SA)
  • ENGL2410 African America Literary Giants (AI-L) (LI) (DM)
  • ENGL2413 African American Literature: A Tradition of Resistance (AI-L) (LI) (DM)
  • ENGL2417 Literatures of the Black Atlantic (AI-L) (LI) (DM)
  • ENGL3303 Images of Masculinity
  • ENGL3605 Global Literature and Film
  • ENGL3991 Special Topics 
  • PSYCH2203 Social Psychology (SA) (SS)
  • PSYCH2211 Race, Gender and Sexuality: Intersection of Privilege and Oppression (SA) (SS) (DM)
  • SOC1101 Intro to Sociology (SA) (SS)
  • SOC2105 Race, Ethnicity and Group Relations (SA) (SS) (DM)
  • SOC2127 Social Class and Inequality (SA) (SS)

Upon completion of the Human Resource Management Minor, student will be able to:

  1. Use theory and evidence-based research in order to evaluate the effectiveness of HR practices across diverse work environments.
  2. Apply legal, social, psychological and economic frameworks to the analysis of HR-related initiatives and outcomes.
  3. Use data and data visualization tools to assess the effectiveness of HR practices and manage employee performance.
  4. Communicate organizational goals, values and initiatives to stakeholders within and external to organizations.
  5. Recognize the individual, organizational and societal outcomes associated with HR policy and practice.
  6. Apply strategic HR principles to public, private and not-for-profit organizations.
  7. Recognize the ethical impact of HR strategies on employees and society as a whole.