Redefine compassionate, ethical, innovative patient care at Emmanuel College.

Within the Maureen Murphy Wilkens School of Nursing & Clinical Sciences, you will develop your personal philosophy to inform and enhance a compassionate, responsible nursing practice that appreciates the diversity of human experiences and address the challenges of a rapidly changing health care environment. Through intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, you will emerge as a well-rounded, in-demand nursing professional who thinks critically, communicates effectively and better understands the cultural, social, economic and political factors that affect patient beliefs and behaviors

Highly experienced faculty and practitioners renowned in their respective specialties teach and mentor in the School’s classrooms, labs and clinicals. Emmanuel location in the Longwood Medial and Academic Area of Boston is the ideal backdrop to foster connections and gain real-world experience.

The Maureen Murphy Wilkens School of Nursing & Clinical Sciences is truly a forward-thinking and supportive community of teaching and learning. I hope you sense this excitement as you learn more about our programs.

Diane Shea, Ph.D., R.N., Dean and Professor of Nursing, Maureen Murphy Wilkens School of Nursing & Clinical Sciences