EC Research is made of faculty support groups that facilitate research with Emmanuel College faculty.

ECResearch is a network of faculty support groups to facilitate research of all kinds conducted by Emmanuel College faculty.

The network consists of small groups of faculty organized by general research types (for example: social science, science and math, humanities, education, management and accounting, nursing, creative disciplines, etc.) and, as much as possible, by research interests. Groups ideally work across disciplines, to enable scholars to consider reaching wider audiences with their scholarship. Yet the groups are not so wide-ranging that the members cannot approach one another's work with a critical eye.

ECResearch assists faculty in the crafting of articles, book reviews, books and creative works. Research group members chose to read drafts of conference papers, edit each other's journal articles and book chapters or help consider methodology and literature to review. Some research groups even work on conference papers or publish works together.

ECResearch groups are encouraged to meet monthly or bi-weekly.