Please see the course schedule below for Graduate & Professional Programs course offerings.

O-A - Online Asynchronous - Courses take place online. There are no set scheduled time for students and faculty to meet.  There will be discussions and assignments with weekly due dates.

O-S - Online Synchronous - Courses will take place online but there will be scheduled dates and times where all students and faculty will meet through Zoom.

GPP Session Dates

Fall 1 (YY/1F) September–October

Fall 2 (YY/2F) October–December

Spring 1 (YY/1S) January–February/March

Spring 2 (YY/2S) March–April/May

Summer 1 (YY/1X and YY/U1) May–July

Summer 2 (YY/2X and YY/U2) July–August


Fall 1

Course NumberCourse NameProgramFormat
HRM5114Human Resource ManagementMBAO-A
MKTG5110Marketing ManagementMBAO-A
EDUC5307Research in the Content AreaM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5318Educating Diverse StudentsM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5202Literacy: Focus Reading/WritingM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5300Sheltered English Instruction (14 wks)M.Ed.O-S
EDUC5903Instructional Design Principles & PracticesM.Ed.O-A
EDUC5467Practicum & Seminar (14 wks)M.Ed.O-S
NURS5101Theoretical Foundations of Nursing (14 wks)MSNO-S
NURS5109Information Technology & Nursing (14 wks)MSNO-S
NURS5511Advanced Role Theory (14 wks)MSNO-S
NURS3101Concepts of Professional PracticeRN-BSNO-A
NURS4118Community Health & Promotion in NursingRN-BSNO-A

Fall 2

Course NumberCourse NameProgramFormat
MGMT5116Organizational Behavior & LeadershipMBAO-A
MGMT5118Operations & Supply Chain ManagementMBAO-A
HRM9035Total RewardsMBA-HRO-A
EDUC5200Complexities of Urban EducationM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5206Explorations: Math EducationM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5418Literacy: Language DevelopmentM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5750Teaching Students with DisabilitiesM.Ed.O-S
NURS3105Research in Nursing PracticeRN-BSNO-A
NURS4170Health Promotion Capstone PracticumRN-BSNO-A


Spring 1

Course NumberCourse NameProgramFormat
ACCT5110Financial AccountingMBAO-A
MGMT5910Organizational StrategyMBAO-A
RAC9010Intro to Research AdministrationMBA-RAO-A
EDUC5018Behavior ManagementM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5518ELL Internship/Seminar (14 wks)M.Ed.O-S
EDUC5762Moderate Disabilities Internship (14 wks)M.Ed.O-S
EDUC5467Practicum & Seminar (14 wks)M.Ed.O-S
NURS5104Research & Ethics in Nursing (14 wks)MSNO-S
NURS5307Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Physical Assessment (14 wks)MSNO-S
NURS5513Advanced Role Practicum in Nursing (14 wks)MSNO-S
NURS3112Leadership & Professional Issues in NursingRN-BSNO-A

Spring 2

Course NumberCourse NameProgramFormat
MGMT5114Business Analytics for Data ConsumersMBAO-A
MGMT5110Financial ManagementMBAO-A
RAC9012Financial Accounting for Sponsored ProgramsMBA-RAO-A
EDUC5625The School as CommunityM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5308Research CapstoneM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5907Instructional Design Capstone ExperienceM.Ed.O-A
NURS3114Diversity in Healthcare & Contemporary Healing InterventionsRN-BSNO-A


Summer 1

Course NumberCourse NameProgramFormat
ACCT5112Financial Statement AnalysisMBAO-A
MGMT5120Managing Information ResourcesMBAO-A
HRM9032Labor Relations & Employee LawMBA-HRO-A
RAC9016Compliance, Regulatory Environments & Legal IssuesMBA-RAO-A
EDUC5207Learning, Teaching, Curriculum DevelopmentM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5218Critical Inquiry: Teaching/LearningM.Ed.O-S
NURS5111Professional Role Development & LeadershipMSNO-S
NURS5113Health Care PolicyMSNO-S
NURS3103Health AssessmentRN-BSNO-A

Summer 2

Course NumberCourse NameProgramFormat
MGMT5112Business Law & EthicsMBAO-A
ECON5110Managerial EconomicsMBAO-A
HRM9034Talent Acquisition & ManagementMBA-HRO-A
RAC9018Financial Management for Sponsored ProgramsMBA-RAO-A
EDUC5115Documenting & Assessing Student LearningM.Ed.O-S
EDUC5905Educational Technology & MediaMSNO-A
NURS5107Human Diversity, Culture & NursingMSNO-S
NURS3018Nursing Informatics & Computer ApplicationsRN-BSNO-A