Many of our graduates choose to continue the call to service by participating in a year of service after graduation.

There are many other organizations that are always looking for volunteers for a year of service. Info sections are held every year, and our staff can accompany students during the discernment process.  

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps members work to empower the economically disadvantaged and oppressed through education and personal hands-on support. They tutor children and adults (literacy, GED, and ESOL), organize after-school enrichment activities, serve with community organizations, and facilitate conflict resolution.

AmeriCorps is often referred to as the domestic Peace Corps and brings together a variety of people dedicated to social justice and service to others. NDMVA serves in about 20 cities in America and has programs abroad in Kenya and Peru. NDMVA is a year-long commitment and accepts people who are 21 or older. NDMVA is a great chance to make lasting relationships, have new experiences, and get things done for our country.