As a Catholic college, Emmanuel College upholds the human dignity of all members of our community. As such, Emmanuel seeks to create and maintain an academic, work and social environment free of harassment due to race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, veteran status, nationality, ethnicity or any other protected status.

As stated in the Emmanuel College Statement of Supporting a Diverse and Inclusive Community, "Members of our community are expected to demonstrate respect and show sensitivity to differences in others. All members of the community are entitled to and responsible for maintaining an environment of civility that is free from disparagement, intimidation, discrimination, harassment and violence of any kinds. ...We expect that every member of the Emmanuel community will accept diversity, value inclusivity, and be civil in dealing with each other. The College does not tolerate racism, sexism, classism or discrimination based on sexual orientation. We hope that all members of our community will model and teach respect for the differences between us and celebrate the similarities that unite us as a people worthy of dignity." - December 2, 2010

To achieve our goal of providing a working and learning environment free from harassment or discrimination, we have provided a procedure by which inappropriate conduct will be addressed if encountered by members of the Emmanuel community under the Bias-Related Incident and Hate Crime Policy.

A bias-related incident or hate crime is contradictory to the community standards mentioned above. It may also contribute to creating an unsafe, negative or unwelcome environment for the victim and/or other members of the College community. Students who engage in behavior that can be classified as a bias-related incident or hate crime are subject to disciplinary action through the judicial system.