Students in Loretto, St. Ann and St. Joseph are automatically enrolled in the 225 block meal plan which is included in the price for room and board. 

Loretto, St. Ann, and St. Joseph HallsSemester Price (includes meal plan)
Standard Double Room & Meal Plan:$8,750
Single Room & Meal Plan:$9,900
Triple Room & Meal Plan:$7,250
Quad Room & Meal Plan:$7,300
Quad Room & Meal Plan:$7,650


Students in St. Julie Hall and the Notre Dame Campus can elect to enroll in a meal plan through the Housing Portal.

St. Julie HallSemester Housing Price
Double Room:$8,025




Notre Dame CampusSemester Housing Price
Double Room:$6,400
Single Room: $7,450


Below please find the available meal plans and pricing. More details about the plans can be found on the Cafe Bon Appetit website.

Meal PlanPrice per semester
75 Semester Block$795
120 Semester Block$1,260
175 Semester Block/$300 Flex$2,100
225 Semester Block/$175 Flex$2,100
285 Semester Block/$25 Flex$2,100
15 Weekly Block/$175 Flex$2,100
19 Weekly Block/$25 Flex$2,100