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The requirements for domestic first-year applicants include: 

AP scores will be evaluated by academic departments, and typically offer college credit equivalent to one full Emmanuel course. If you receive credit for an AP examination, you will be placed at an advanced level in the appropriate academic department. Generally scores of 4 or 5 are accepted in exchange for credit at Emmanuel. 

Grades of four, five, six or seven on the IB higher level examinations entitle you to credit for at least one course. Each academic department at Emmanuel will determine the specific amount of credit to be awarded. 

College level coursework completed prior to matriculation as a first-year either through dual enrollment programs or credit completed without a high school association may be considered for transfer credit if the content of the coursework is within the parameters for transfer credit accepted at Emmanuel College and a grade of B or better is earned.  A maximum of 32 credits (8 courses) may be awarded for eligible coursework. All coursework must be submitted on an official transcript from the post-secondary institution awarding the credit. College credit will be evaluated for incoming freshmen after students have formally deposited and declared their intention to matriculate at Emmanuel College. 

AP ExamAP ScoreEmmanuel EquivalencyEmmanuel Credit 
Art and Music   
Art History4 or 5ART 1202 (AI-A)4
Studio Art – Drawing4 or 5Free Elective4
Studio Art – 2D Design4 or 5Free Elective4
Music Theory4 or 5AI-A4
Biology4BIO 1101 (SI-L) 
 5BIOL 11054
  (SI-L) and waived from BIOL 1106 (SI-L)4
Chemistry4 or 5CHEM 1101 (SI-L)4
Physics B4 or 5(SI-L)4

Physics C – Mechanics
4 or 5PHYS 2201 (SI-L)4
Physics C – Electricity & Magnetism4 or 5PHYS 2221 (SI-L)4
Environmental Science4 or 5(SI-L)4
Mathematics & Instructional Technology    
Calculus AB4 or 5MATH 1111 (QA)4
Calculus BC4 or 5MATH 1111 (QA) & MATH 1112 (QA)4
Statistics4 or 5MATH 1117 (QA) 4
Computer Science A4 or 5Free Elective4
Computer Science AB4 or 5Free Elective4
Social Sciences   
Economics – Macro4 or 5ECON 1103 (SA)4
Economics – Micro4 or 5ECON 1101 (SA)4
US History4 or 5ECON 1106 (H)4
European History4 or 5HIST 2120 (H)4
World History4 or 5HIST 1109 (H)4
Government & Politics: US4 or 5POLSC 1201 (SA)4
Government & Politics: Comparative4 or 5POLSC 1301 (SA)4
Psychology4 or 5PSYCH 1501 (SA)4
Human Geography4 or 5SOC 2129 (SA)4
English Language & Competition4 or 5ENGL 11034
English Language & Literature4 or 5AI-L4
Foreign Language   
French Language4LANG 22134
 5LANG 22144
Spanish4LANG 22134
 5LANG 22144
Italian Language4LANG 22134
 5LANG 22144
French Literature4 or 5Free Elective4
Latin: Vergil4 or 5Free Elective4
Latin: Literature4 or 5Free Elective4
German Language4 or 5Free Elective4


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