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Grading and Course FAQs

While the College has some recommended equivalents, the College does not have an official numeric to letter grade scheme. Faculty have the autonomy to submit the grade they believe the student earned. The only official grade is the letter grade submitted. 

This is most likely a browser issue. Often with Google Chrome or Safari, the browser is storing the cache and the grading page can come up blank/white. To rectify this, try a different browser and/or restart your computer. This should fix the problem. You may also clear the cookies and cached items in your browser settings. Please use one of the following browsers when accessing EC Learn: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser. Safari is not a recommended browser for grading.

If further problems exist, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (617) 735-9960 or regmail [at] (regmail[at]emmanuel[dot]edu) if after business hours.

If you have entered the grading page prior to being ready to submit your grades, the grades on the Grading Submission Page will be reflective of that first time you clicked on the Grading Submission tab. You will need to click the "Reload Grades" button within the Grading Submission page. This will then reload the total grade from the Grade Book into the Final Grading page.  If you have done this and they still don't match, please contact ATIG at at [at] If you know the final grade you want to give, you may also adjust the final letter grade in the "Rec Grade" drop down menu. The grade published from this page will be the official final grade submitted for the student.

Any “muted assignments” in your gradebook will not calculate automatically into the grading tool on the Final Grading Submission page.  Unmute all assignments before using the tool to submit your grades.

The “Status” column on the Grading Submission page will tell you the grade submission status of each student in your course. If you have a status of “Published” or “Posted” you have successfully submitted a grade for that student. If any student is missed (usually by not checking off the box next to the student name and ID number prior to clicking the “publish selected” button) this student will move to the top of the grading list and have a status of Pending.


Pending: Course Grade has not been submitted for this particular student

Published: Faculty has “published” the grade and officially submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Student cannot yet see grade posted on transcript.

Posted: Faculty has officially published and submitted grade, and the grade has been integrated from EClearn to Emmanuel’s SIS and the student is able to see the grade posted on their transcript.

The grades due date is dependent upon whether you are teaching an A+S course (and then whether it's in the fall and spring or summer) or a Graduate-level Nursing course, or other GPP courses.

A+S Mid-Semester Grades: The sixth Friday of the semester. Always due on a Friday by 11:59 p.m. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific fall and spring mid-semester grade deadlines. Mid-semester grades are submitted for all students.

Final Grades

A+S Fall and Spring Grading Deadlines: Refer to Academic Calendar. Grades due by 10:00 a.m. This is always a Wednesday.

A+S Summer Courses: Grades are due 5 calendar days after class ends by 11:59 p.m.

Graduate and Professional Program (excluding MSN): Grades are due 5 calendar days after class ends by 11:59 p.m.

Graduate Nursing (MSN) courses: Due the day of A+S final grades. Refer to the academic calendar for dates.

Emmanuel has a very short turn around time from when grades are due and when students’ degrees are conferred. This is especially important in the spring semester for commencement, when the ceremony is only 3 days after the grades are due. All graduates need to be cleared for graduation and honors determined.

At Emmanuel, students receive their actual diploma on stage. Additionally, Latin Honors are based on a percentage of the class and these honors cannot be determined until all grades for all bachelor’s degree graduates are in. The commencement program also has to be finalized on the Thursday morning before commencement (the morning after grades are due), so all clearances and calculations must be done the day grades are due to prepare for commencement on Saturday. Any delay in grades for a student can impact all graduation processes.

Outside of graduation, the Office of the Registrar needs to determine Academic Probation and Dismissal and this is determined by a student’s term GPA.

If you realize you made an error when you submitted your grades, you’ll need to contact the Office of the Registrar to have the grades adjusted as the system is set up to prevent you from adjusting a grade after it has been submitted and posted to the student transcript. Please contact us immediately. This is even more critical if the student is graduating. If this occurs within the grading period and was in error in submission or grade calculation, contact regmail [at] about the error with the student, course, and incorrect and correct grade information from your Emmanuel College email address and we will adjust the grade. If outside of the of grading period, please contact us and we will discuss with you whether a change can be made then, or whether a Grade Change Form with Academic Affairs approval is needed.

Students will view their final grades on Student Planning, on either the Grades, Timeline, or Progress screens or on their unofficial transcript which can be obtained on Student Planning. The final grade on ECLearn may not reflect the grade you submitted (especially if a grade was changed) and students should be directed to Student Planning. Students will be able to view their final course grade once the grade has been "posted" on the status in the EClearn Grading Submission page. The integration between ECLearn and the Student Information System runs about every 30 minutes. This means that your students may see the grades anywhere between a minute or two after publishing but no later than 30 minutes after submission (unless the grade submitted is an INC grade- this requires manual review of the Registrar's Office).

If you missed the grading deadline, please contact the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. If the online grading period has closed, you will need to submit your grades in hard copy with your handwritten signature on the same document as the grades or within the body of an email that is sent from your Emmanuel College email address. Emails may be sent to regmail [at]

Course and Section Number, Student first and last name, and letter grade (numeric grades are not accepted), along with your handwritten signature (for attachments, fax, or in person grade rosters) will be required to enter grades. Any student information from a non-Emmanuel email address will not be accepted.

Contact the Office of the Registrar immediately to speak to Kim Camasso. She can be reached by phone or email. We might be able to work with you, but in general grades for seniors or other graduating students cannot be late, even by just a few hours, due to the degree conferral tasks and tight timeframe associated with clearing students for graduation, determining honors, and finalizing the commencement program for the external vendor who prints the program.

Incomplete (INC) grades should only be awarded for rare extenuating circumstance, such as prolonged illness, or other unexpected circumstance that occurs at the very end of the semester preventing completion of the course. Students may not elect to receive an INC grade- it is at the discretion of the faculty based on the extenuating circumstance at the end of the semester. Faculty should discuss the ramifications of an INC grade with the student. An INC grade, while a temporary grade, is factored into the GPA as 0.00 and thus will cause the GPA to be lower for the semester in which an INC is awarded. A student who earns below a 2.0 (for undergraduates) or 3.0 (for graduate students) in a given semester is placed on Academic Probation, no matter if this is due to an INC grade or the reason for the INC. Any INC grades not adjusted to a final grade by the INC grade deadline (see academic calendar for dates) will automatically convert to an F. 


Students on Probation: Students who are on academic probation (including those previously academically dismissed and reinstated and on “permanent probation”) are ineligible to receive INC grades. To determine whether a student is on academic probation, please view the student’s profile on EC360 (which you may access here: .

If the “Academic Probation” field is flagged to “Yes” under the Student Information/Profile on EC360, this student is ineligible to receive an INC grade in this semester. You will need to scroll down on the Student Profile to view this field. If you believe there is an extenuating circumstance, please contact Kimberley Camasso at camassok [at] (camassok[at]emmanuel[dot]edu) to discuss the student situation.

We cannot make any changes to a student’s registration without the express written request of the student. A student who has stopped attending but is still on your roster is still registered for your course and has not taken any action to drop or withdraw from the class. If the student has stopped attending (or participating for online classes) on or before the withdrawal deadline, you are able to award a UW (unofficial withdrawal) grade and will need to indicate the student’s last date of attendance on the Grading Form on EClearn. If the student attended your class at all after the withdrawal deadline, or participated on ECLearn after the withdrawal deadline, you must award the letter grade the student has earned.

Only a faculty member assigned to a course, department chair or Academic Dean may override a student into a class. Written permission is needed for this override, either on an Add/Drop Form or via email from the approver's Emmanuel College email address sent to the Office of the Registrar. A course cap override cannot be completed via EC Online Services.

If you have had a conversation with a student and believe they can be successful in your course without the pre-requisite or by taking your course and its pre-requisite at the same time, you may approve this either by submitting an email from your Emmanuel College email address to the Office of the Registrar, signing an Add/Drop Form, or by approving the waiver on Student Planning. The last option is the best option prior to registration opening and during the priority registration week as it will allow the student to register for the course online and not be blocked by the pre-requisite requirement. 


The Pass/Form Declaration is a binding contract. Once the student submits the Pass/Fail Form the registration designation cannot be changed, and the student, nor the faculty member, may change the designation from pass/fail to a letter grade no matter how well the student is performing. The Pass/Fail Declaration submission deadline occurs in the 11th week of the semester and aligns with the cousre withdrawal date, so a student may want to wait until closer in the deadline if they think they may perform well.

Every Friday, all faculty will receive a scheduled email from the Office of the Registrar to their Emmanuel College email address. This report includes all students with program information as well as the student's advisor and advisor email address. Colleges of the Fenway and non-matriculating students will not have an advisor assigned. Faculty may also view a student's advisor by searching for the student's profile on EC 360.

Advising FAQs

Advisors may view their advisees by logging into EC Online Services and clicking the "Advising" module. Your assigned advises will be listed alphabetically here. You may also search for a specific advisee in the search bar by name or ID number.

Go to the Advising Module

Advisors should find their advisee's record in Student Planning and click on the Progress tab. This will show you the student's completed and outstanding degree requirements based on declared programs. If student has planned out all of their courses you will see these courses in yellow, and you may also view all completed courses and planned course on the "Timeline" tab. The Grades tab when viewing a student's record on Student Planning will also show you a students mid-semester and final semester grades by term.

For more detailed explanation on degree requirements and student planning, view the "Student Planning and Understanding Your Degree Requirements" section.

No. Advisors do not approve or provide permission for a student to apply for graduation. The Office of the Registrar will alert students as to when they should begin to apply for graduation (the semester in which they are graduating) and with instructions as to how to do so. Students will apply for graduation online via EC Online Services on the "Graduation Overview" module and they will receive an email that their application has been received. Applications are due by September 15th for December graduates and February 15th for May graduates. Students should not apply prior to their graduation semester as the application will only be set for those who are graduating in that term.

A+S students going into their senior year will receive an audit letter in August from the Office of the Registrar confirming what they will need to complete the following spring semester to graduate, based on their current fall registered courses. Seniors who based on their completed Fall courses and registered spring courses who will not reach the 128 credit minimum by the May conferral will be contacted in January about potentially adding courses before the last day to add deadline for the spring semester. Again in March, expected graduates and their advisors will receive an audit letter confirming their graduation eligibility via email. The Office of the Registrar will confirm graduation eligibility and any Latin Honors prior to graduation as well.

It is always advisable for a student and their advisor to have a conversation about their degree requirements, goals, and course selection prior to registration. However, declared students are not required to receive advisor approval to add or drop courses. All students require advisor approval to withdraw from classes after the add/drop deadline. Students who withdraw should work with their advisor on a plan to make up the credits in the future to ensure they have met their degree requirements, including the 128 credit minimum for graduation.

A matriculated student can take one course off-campus for every full year they are enrolled at Emmanuel-up to a maximum of 4 courses. This does not include courses registered through official cross-registration at one of the COF institutions or approved study abroad programs. To view the transfer credit policy and process for study off campus, click here. The Office of the Registrar evaluates and approves all off campus work, domestic or study abroad. If specific departmental approval is necessary, the Office of the Registrar will facilitate review and approval with the department chair or designated departmental transfer credit evaluator.

Students may need to repeat a course due to a failing grade or if they earned below a C for major or minor requirement. Students who repeat classes will not be able to register online and will need to contact the Office of the Registrar for manual registration. Students who repeat a class will only receive credit for a course once—for the higher grade earned. The Student Information System will automatically remove credit from a lower graded course if that course earned credit (anything above an F). The original grade will always remain on the transcript as it is a part of the student’s academic record, but will no longer factor into the GPA once the credit is removed.

If a student transfers in a course to replace a course at Emmanuel, only the credit, not the grade will be posted, but the lower grade will no longer factor into the GPA.

Students retaking a course that originally earned an F grade, or if the department is approving a different course to substitute for the failed grade, must complete the Credit Deficiency Removal Form to prompt the removal of the credit associated with the lower grade.

Students who repeat courses should factor in any additional credits that may be needed for graduation, as the result of a course repeat is a net zero gain in credits.

Students who earned credit (D or above) for a course but are retaking the class/requirement should refer to the Credit Deficiency Removal/Repeating Courses Policy and understand how a repeated course will impact their total credits completed. Credit for repeated courses will be removed from the initial course attempt on Student Planning if planned or registered, but will not be removed from the transcript until a final grade from repeat is received. Students should factor this into their academic course plan for ensuring enough credits will be taken to meet the 128 minimum credit requirement for graduation.

Students and advisors who wish to confirm the number of credits needed when factoring in course repeats should email regmail [at]