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Psychology and neuroscience are rich and varied disciplines dedicated to the scientific study of the complexity and diversity of the mind and the brain. As a psychology or neuroscience major, you will receive a broad liberal arts education as well as specialized training, knowledge and skills of your discipline.

The psychology major, which offers concentrations in counseling & health psychology and developmental psychology, covers a broad area of study, including but not limited to behavior, cognition, memory, motivation, psychological disturbance and psychotherapy. The neuroscience major is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in interdisciplinary brain science, incorporating biology, chemistry, psychology, and neuroscience, while remaining sufficiently flexible to allow you to tailor the program to your specific interests.

Both majors prepare you for advanced degree programs and to succeed in a variety of settings, including hospitals and medical centers, human services organizations and more. Our collaborative program provides outstanding opportunity to conduct research with faculty and present your findings at national conferences and in academic journals and publications.