Sociology at Emmanuel College houses sociology and criminology & criminal justice majors. Sociology will give you the knowledge and skills to understand how society is structured and address social inequalities of race, gender, and class. Criminology & criminal justice will teach you to examine the theoretical and practical complexities of crime, criminal justice systems, and the individuals and communities impacted by them.

By developing perspectives grounded in sociology, criminology, and criminal justice, we identify and analyze social groups and systems that shape societies, families, workplaces, criminal justice and legal institutions, and our individual lives. Studying sociology, criminology, and criminal justice prepares you for various careers and graduate programs, including social work, public policy, education, non-profit administration, research, management, law, victim advocacy, law enforcement, courts, and corrections.  Our faculty will connect you with research opportunities in child welfare, immigration, harm reduction, social control, criminal justice reform, youth placed at risk, the school-to-prison pipeline, and global urban sociology. 

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