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Have you ever wondered how people and societies manage to navigate the complex web of scarcity? How do we allocate limited resources in the most effective way possible, whether it's food, water, or even time? That's where the fascinating field of economics comes in!

In Emmanuel's Department of Economics, you can gain a deeper understanding of how individuals and groups make decisions in the face of limited resources. You'll learn about the fundamental principles of supply and demand, explore the intricate workings of financial markets, and even discover how government policies can impact economic outcomes. But economics is much more than just graphs and equations. It's a social science that can help us tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time, from poverty and inequality to social justice, to climate change and globalization. By embracing the science of economics, you can gain insights into how to build more sustainable and prosperous societies and create a better future for all.

With its unique blend of theory and practical application, it's a field that's both intellectually stimulating and socially relevant and offers endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. As an economics major, you will also leverage Emmanuel’s location in Boston to gain unmatched real-world experience at a great number of leading healthcare, technology, finance, consulting, insurance, and investment firms, etc.

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